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Total DumbAll. / \

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My review for Total Dhamaal

I watched Total Dhamaal and it was a fantastic entertainer that will make you laugh mainly in the first half. We have Paisa Paisa song as an introduction like Golmaal but Ajay Devgn's intro was excellent and has mass written all over it. Ajay is funny in the beginning and Indra Kumar directs him very well by giving him in a character which he feels comfortable playing. It looks like holds a record of slaps in this film which he gave to people like Boman Irani.

First half as I mentioned is a non-stop laughter and very entertaining as the entire cast was given equal footage. It's loaded with lots of humor and fast-paced comedy sequences especially Arshad Warsi & Javed Jaffery scenes were the best followed Ritesh Deshmukh parts which he shared with Johnny Lever. I felt these three actors had fantastic comic timing better than everyone else.

Now the second half is engaging but it's difficult to match the first half. I felt Indra Kumar could have worked on it better especially the zoo scenes with animals which were good for what it. It's just I was expecting some action sequences when Mahesh Manjrekar came with his goons. Indra could have provided some fight scenes with Ajay Devgn fighting these baddies. You really got to know Ajay's audiences and I think masses would have enjoyed it more if he did some action scenes.


Ajay Devgn is excellent and it utilises his face expressions very well at the right time in each scene.

Sanjay Mishra as Ajay's sidekick was ok.

Ritesh Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi & Javed Jaffery whom I've praised in previous paragraphs gave the best performance. Their comedy was gold and they are too funny to watch.

Madhuri Dixit was very good and Anil Kapoor is fun to watch although he hams in a few scenes.

Boman Irani is good as well and he suits his role.



Total Dhamaal is not as good as Dhamaal (Prequel) but far better than Double Dhamaal. I enjoyed Ajay Devgn & Sanjay Mishra's scenes but my favourite was Arshad Warsi & Javed Jaffery scenes and Ritesh Deshmukh as well.

It was a delight to see Madhuri Dixit & Anil Kapoor reunite after 19 years as they previously did Pukar. They had their moments as well and their scenes were good but it's no match for Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey & Ritesh Deshmukh's parts.

Very good clean comedy and I think children are going to love this film as well as adults.



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RK Cineplex Hyderabad
I went expecting mad comic cappar leaving behind all my logical senses as you don't expect a Bollywood comedy movie to be logical.
You go for entertainment.
The theme is very similar to the prequels. Loads of money is stashed at a location whose incomplete address is known to group of people who try to outdo each other and reach there first to decode the exact coordinates and take the moolah. Climax has nothing special but the journey towards it is!
A very over hipped up film for the masses which contains a lot of sleazy and predictable comedy, the humour is childish and senseless.
Like ajay asking boman to look back so that he can kick him out and get away and he looks back that happens for 3 times.
A car crashing scene that looks so artificial yes we are not allowed to work our brain but atleast dont stoop so low like iq of a 12 years kid.
There are also few genuinely funny comedy sequences like

#1 Tunnel sequence feat Ajay, Boman.
#2 Helicopter seq. feat Riteish, Johny.
#3 Ritesh God confrontations
#4 Double-faced car catching fire feat Arshad, Javed.
#5 Cage scenes

1st the Real Dhamaal boys they stole the show for me though they have been given less preference with Ajay, Anil and Madhuri coming on board.They have changed ritesh character to North Indian spoiled brat Lallan,They are in form and played their part with perfection.
Ajay and Sanjay Mishra are 2cons and they did their part beautifully. this time police commissioner is boman.
Anil and Madhuri are couples but on the verge of divorce. Though their chemistry was good but they weren't given good comic scenes like others.
But still this movie will work for 3 things

    1. CAST :The biggest thing that can bring the audience to the theater is the cast which mostly all these big budget films try to do. The mantra for success for a hit in india is the  *CAST BRINGS THE MASS* 

2.CHILDREN : The reason why many people will go although even not liking the content is the children.Kids need such films THEY CAN'T BE BORN AS CRITICS RIGHT ? If you are dying to get the sweet kiss from your kid then don't read this review and just go to the hall and enjoy

  1. DHAMAAL: the first film of the franchise has a fair amount of cult.Hence the people may go for it seeking a similar film

Music was plain bad and nothing to boast off. Dialogues were written keeping in mind childrens and their IQ.

If you still have some funny bones left in the body, can keep your intellectual hat away and stop being judgemental for 2 hours 20 minutes then book the tickets, popcorn & cola for fun filled weekend entertainment.

Ratings 2.5/5*
If you're planning for a family outing with Children then go for it but if you are going yourself or with your office mates then you might be disappointed.

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Timing - Today 11:50 AM
Place - Phoenix Mall Pvr Pune
Movie Name - Total Dhamaal

Rating - 3.5/5

  • its comedy movie so not find any logic please.

First Half - One Word Review Hilarious. Movie Story same as Dhamaal but its presentation is new and comedy scene deserve clapping and a complete laugh riot in the movie. But my favourite in the movie Ritesh Deshmukh. What a timing man. And all the plane scene in the movie fantastic. 4/5

Second Half - there will be some averagish in 2 half. When animals enter in last 45 min than comedy is less but a sweet message in the movie and jungle advanture coule be better because there are too much scope in the movie but indra kumar not took it. 2.5/5

Final - Overall its a Fantastic laugh Riot not compare it with dhamaal part 1 but much much better than dhamaal part 2. Families love this movie and special mention children. Jungle advanture is only for children. A nice attempt by indra kumar.
Prediction - 125 cr+

My rating - 3.5/5

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Total rating: 3/5
Few scenes are hilarious. It's the same old story, so if you go to the theatre seeking a good-story comedy movie, you will not like it. Otherwise, it's a good comedy movies which tickles your bones; the theatre will be full of giggles, the time in the theatre is well-spent; and once the movie is finished you will leave the theatre.
It's nothing meaningful, but is full of entertainment. Dhamaal is many times better than this but this could have earned more because of the presence of AD, AK and Madhuri.

Javed and Arshad are the best, Ajay and Sanjay are very good, Riteish is good; you will love Johnny too; let's say all are good but sometimes you find Anil Kapoor a bit over-the-top.

Music is below average and the two songs are in the beginning and the end-credits.

I am happy for Ajay Devggn; one more success added to his filmography!

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