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The evergreen duo of Govinda & David Dhawan which brings back memories and Hero No.1 is an example of these two.

This fantastic film is loaded with so much comedy although the story is predictable but the screenplay keeps you entertained. It's an example of a family entertainer as this movie sure had its moments especially the scenes that Kader Khan and Paresh Rawal shared. These two were very funny and I think their chemistry just brilliant which is one of the reasons why this film is a laugh riot. Govinda & Karisma Kapoor also had some good scenes as well in the first half which was filmed in Switzerland.

Govinda is superb as always and his comic timing is amazing. His pairing with Karisma Kapoor was ok but I prefer them in their previous movies like Raja Babu, Coolie No.1 & Khuddar, respectively.

Paresh Rawal and Kader Khan are both good as well as I mentioned.

This song is my favourite in Hero No.1


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Govinda-David was a great combo and the no 1 series was good too

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Just for the song - Sona Kitna Sona Hain...watched the film again in theatre.....
n of course Govinda - Karishma - David - Kader Khan combination!!!!..

Not sure if these slapstick comedy will work today in general...but during those days...there was no other better option than this !!!!...n it used to be like full paisa-vasool entertainment!!!!

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