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Located in the heart of Delhi, Paharganj hosts mysteries, wonders, and crime in equal proportions. A safe haven for the foreigners, some compare it to Amsterdam of India and some say it resembles Las Vegas which makes them feel at home. From Kate Winslet to John F. Kennedy’s son everyone was left mesmerized by the place. Learn more about the experiences of Lorena Franco, the lead in Paharganj and some foreigners in their own words. Also, check out Mohit Chauhan’s view about the music and the lyrics of the upcoming Bollywood film Paharganj!

Link: https://youtu.be/sGF5hBDwJ3Q

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Please get a better expressive Voice...
Her voice is making Good video to Okish..
Her commentary/Voiceover and writing is pretty ordinary.
If you want to attract people specially @ social media platform;you have to be more creative.
Other than title of video;it's just like any other prime time cine news portion..
Overall Camerawork and editing is very good...Only letdown is Voice IMO.

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Haha. You're rigjt. Actually, I'm only distributor and have no control on content creation. But, can you please copy paste this on YouTube video comment section. I want to read them because I can't really say these things to them myself.

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