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Directed by Gandhi to Hitler fame Rakesh Ranjan Kumar. Will be uploading more promotional videos of the film.


After her husband goes missing on his trip to India, Laura Costa, played by Lorena Franco, finds herself in the lanes of Paharganj in his search. Slated to release on 15th March. Mark your calendar.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njmMZ-CizEE

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Happy for ya @Ankit. Well done.


Thanks Bhai!

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Nice one. Soothing voice.

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Voice Filmfare Award winner Kavita Seth ki hai. One who sung O Re Manwa Tu Toh Bawra Hai.


Wow. Thats why it sounds so good. Great channel dude.


Thank you, Bhai!

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Sounds good. What exactly did you collaborate in here? Promotional activities, PR, editing? Could you elaborate more on this.

Seems a big step for you. Congratulations!

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Promotional activities. I'll release theatrical teaser, behind the scenes and news package.

BTW, I did it for Photograph. It was also officially uploaded by Amazon Studios. Now, the trailer on my channel hss almost double engagement than of Amzon Studio official upload. Like trailer on ny channel has 68k+ likes and Amzon Studios has only 26k+, same goes with comments. My channel has good penetration, sl production houses are cool with having a deal.


Check the trailer on my channel. It has only been 30 hours since I uploaded it. Nothing like this has happened in history of YouTube ever.


All the best bro.


It is reaching 3m views. Is that in your channel? Hope you grasp the opportunity! All the best for your channel and you again!!


YES. It has almost touched 3M views, YouTube is showing late counts on page. In YouTube Studio, it's already there.
BTW, thank you!


Nothing like this has happened in history of YouTube ever. // as in?


As in when an Unofficial Trailer Upload has more engagement than Official One. There could be, but I've never seen any. That's a wide assumption. Agar koi hai toh batana


Happens with Filmselect trailer quite many times.


Yeah. In Hollywood it could be. In fact, many times I get confused which one os official upload. And they have so many version of trailer, it is quite confusing there. Especially, in Bollywood, for most of big production house, you can unofficially upload their trailer like YRF, Dharma, Red Chilli. They will instantly block your video as their main focus is to brake the records, Hollywood doesn't have such things and it's great as they foucs more on penetration, it doesn't matter to them from where it is coming.

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