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In 1955, the Culture Ministry of China had Organised an "India Film Week" Event in 20 Cities of China between 17 Oct & 23 Oct. Later it was expanded to more cities. Three Indian Films (Awaara, Aandhiyan & Do Bigha Zamin) were Screened in it. Do Bigha Zamin was 1st Indian film screened in China. 

Awara (1955 & 1978): 40 million admissions 

Caravan (1979-1983): 88 million admissions

Awara admissions during "India film week" 17-23 Oct, 1955 

Beijing ( in two Phases) - 14,30,000 admits (Distributor Income 100,000 Yuan).

Chongqing - 10,00,000 admits

Sanghai - 340,000 admits

Nanjing - 120,000 admits

Hangzhou - 100,000 admits

Xi’an - 80,000 admits

Source Link: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/5935791857 http://tieba.baidu.com/p/5935148598 https://m.douban.com/group/topic/32640574/ http://www.eleefeed.com/f/385705 https://mobile.twitter.com/BollyNumbers/status/984084584844283904
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Awara exposed Bollywood to the overseas market and the great Raj Kapoor was the first star to make major inroads overseas.

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Awara 20cr+ Footfalls Worldwide.

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