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1. Die Hard (1988): 8/10 Yeah. I see now the similarities between Die Hard and Skycraper (2018), but still, it hasn't made letter any weaker film. Though Die Hard is classic and original and I loved it more for its being more substantial. The story and action sequences feel real and appealing. And, yes, no doubt, one of the best action film.


2. Die Hard 2 (1990): 7/10 Still good. The story is a bit lower side this time because it is so unsettled and feel unwoven sometimes but still entertaining and enough to lead you to the third installment.


3. Die Hard with Vengeance (1995): 8/10 Fine this one as good as the first installment. More thrilling and the story has more layers this time. I loved the kind of task the protagonist is given and it becomes a cat and mice game. Great stuff.


4. Hell and High Water (2016): 6/10 American noir-crime thriller. Most of such films have same pattern, I feel. I can't compliant, I enjoyed it, though found a problem with its pace. No wonder, why cinematography is widely appreciated for this film.


5. Manikarnika (2019): Now, this is really a highly mediocre film. So badly directed it feels like you are watching a TV soap backed up by a big production house. But, the pattern is same, high antibiotic speeches and war sequence and again some antibiotic dialogues and again war sequences and it keeps itself repeating till the end. It becomes so monotonous. Also, editing is so sloppy and scattered. Damn! You change whoever you want in a movie, but, for heaven's sake, don't change your editor as he/she is the last warrior to save your project. It quietly feels why it is such a mess while watching the film. Bad.

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Bad Times At The El Royale 6/10
Entertaining for the most part but the climax was a big let down

Game Of Thrones S4 10/10
Brilliant loved it Tyrion's season all the way

Baazaar 5/10
Average once again loses all the steam in the second half and the climax is hurried and bad

Hey Jude 5/10
Alright so first nivin pauly movie that i didn't liked much
Its average in no way a bad movie but this could have been so much better but good performance from pauly again

Game Of Thrones S5 9/10
Weak compared to last two.seasons but still great didn't connect to arya stark's stpry now looking forward to season 6

Movie of the weeks: None

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Name And Rate Movie You Watched (18th Feb - 3rd March). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 261-62.
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  1. K.G.F. - Chapter 1 [2018 - Kannada] = NR [watched it twice this weekend with dad.]
  2. Vinaya Vidheya Rama [2019 - Telugu] = NR [Not my aukaad to rate this movie.]
  3. F2 - Fun And Frustration [2019 - Telugu] = NR [Re-Watch with family.]
  4. Bell Bottom [2019 - Kannada] = 4/10 [Yet another premiere show with film's cast & crew. The film was a missed opportunity. It was obviously never going to meet the huge expectations the teaser+trailer created. But what disappointed me was the lack of effort to actual meet some of the expectations.]
  5. Alita: Battle Angel 3D [2019] = 5/10 [Could've been so much better.]
  6. Sandakozhi 2 [2018 - Tamil] = 4/10 [Tiresome.]
  7. Adangamaru [2018 - Tamil] = 4/10 [Meh.]
  8. Heart And Souls [1993] = 5/10 [Maybe would've enjoyed it more if I had watched it in the 90s. Robert Downey Jr was fun but that wasn't enough.]
  9. Natasaarvabhowma [2019 - Kannada] = 2/10 [Why did Puneeth okayed this script?]

First Time Watches = Natasaarvabhowma, Heart And Souls, Adangamaru, Sandakozhi 2, Alita: Battle Angel, Bell Bottom & Vinaya Vidheya Rama.

Movie(s) of the weeks = K.G.F. - Chapter 1 & Alita: Battle Angel.

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Itni saari bad films. Duniya mein achi filmein ban'na band ho gyi hai kya..


How is F2 i m thinking about watching it or should i wait for hindi dubbed and i too want to watch VVR but can't find subtitles


Watch F2 with less expectations. 2nd half is plain bad.

VVR, well, my condolences to you if you ever plan to watch it. This is because it is a story we have watched plenty of times. It is the terribly choreographed action stunts & worst vfx that make the film impossible to watch. And the final drag with over exaggerated hyper villainism & even more hyper sentiment will just give you unbearable headache.

I mean I suffered so I would like you too to go through it. So I wouldn't say don't watch VVR. It is same like Zero, once you suffer, you just want to see every other person go through the pain.


@Suhas lol..
btw i have hd print of F2 but don't hv time to watch as i'm yet to complete KGF paused after interval on last thursday night & will catch it asap ...

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