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Can anybody answer it , as far as my knowledge is concerned MPK had higher footfalls than Jai santoshi maa and if today BOI updates footfalls of Jai santoshi maa around 4.25cr then MPK footfalls must go above 4.6cr  threshold right?
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yes es link se sab clear hai 4 cr plus footfalls thi mpk .


It's in 2012 and its footfalls will be increased for sure


In this link Boi Says Agneepath 2012 footfalls is 1.5 cr but actually footfalls is 1.68 cr so Mpk is also 4.5 cr footfalls after update.

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MPK footfalls was once given as 4 cr plus in old boi qa

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yes ,maine apne kuch post main bola tha mpk ka 420cr to 440 cr max footfalls hoga, ab BOI ne jsm ka footfalls 4 cr plus bataya hai matlab mpk ka bhi eske aas pas hi hoga.

kyuki JSM> MPK. update ke baad ye clear ho gaya.

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JSM is Low Budget movie & BOI said Movie has 4cr plus Footfalls...
I think MPK is Bigger than JSM Footfalls will be in range of 4.60-4.70cr

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ye low aur high budget ki baat nahi hai vivek yaha footfalls ki baat ho rahi hai, purane boi main jsm ka footfalls jyada hai yani ye 4.5cr hai to mpk 4.4 hogi.

agar mpk ka nett badalta hai to kuch jyada hoga per 5cr out of reach.

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No Chance For 5 cr Footfalls. Its Footfalls In The Range Of 4.4 - 4.6 cr At The Box Office. You clearly know that even 4.99 cr include 4 cr footfalls only so wait for update......

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Yes ATP of 1989 is 6 rs. But maine pyar kiya ATP is more than 6 rs. Due to long run.

Ex - 1. Hahk
Atp of hahk - 15.81 rs.
Atp of 1994 - 11.05 rs.

Ex - 2 Ddlj
Atp of Ddlj - 18.02 rs.
Atp of 1995 - 14.37 rs

And many more. And second thing is Mpk released 28 dec 1989 so max business coming in 1990 or 1991 years so ATP around 6.5 rs. According to me.


28cr gross and 6.25 ATP so 4.4cr footfalls


Yes may be if gross increased than footfalls reached 4.5-4.6 cr max. But not more than that.


Humm let c

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