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ranbir aamir ki tarah selective hai, ranveer srk jaisa energetic hai and tiger salman ki tarah mass oriented movies kar raha hai.

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Tiger shroff can be bigger than the other 2 which you mentioned. Tiger connects with masses very well because of his movie choices and just look at the lineup of Tiger.

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Matlab kuch bhi
Aamir rarely disappoints and Ranbir rarely delivers,12 years on the line and he's still known as a future superstar.
Ranveer is most talented among the younger lot, but seeing his Cringeworthy overact in Simba, I think it's too early to compare him with SRK, he aced romantic comedy negative characters with ease in 90's only.
And seriously you are comparing tiger with Salman on the basis of mass, the guy failed to open a mass movie (Munna Michael)and Salman can open even the most trolled mass movie of all time.
And Salman isn't only mass he has garnered sucess in other genres also romance, family drama, social drama, comedy which tiger can never achieve even in his dreams, he's zero without his action skills.

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salman ko bhi yaha aane main time laga hai, abhi to tiger naya hai aur ab uski mass per pakad acchi hai.


Tiger Salman ki tarah family drama, romance, etc etc nahi kar sakta bhai. He's a poor actor. I cant imagine him in a comedy either.


as salman is oscar actor for fans average actor


Miles and miles better than sunny deol.

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Ranbir - maybe yes
Tiger - maybe yes
Ranveer - how ??? no one emulates a Zero

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I think you just insulted all three of them.

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Ranbir is way ahead of supporting actor in performances tiger is real action hero and Ranveer is versatile actor Sanju is bigger than salman career


Try these arguments somewhere else. Not with me. They wont work.

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I am sure any one Between RK,, RS ,,TIGER will become Bigger BO star in Future...

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Tiger is overrated star in masses.. both ranveer n ranbir are bigger than him.. even varun is bigger if he choose bigger appealing movie.... abt upcoming superstar its Ranveer >>>>Ranbir > Varun... Ranbir has limitation he only fits in love story or drama type movies... but ranveer is a alrounder he melts in every genre with ease.. No doubt he gonna be very huge in upcoming years after khan dio....he will be like Megastar Salman khan in future only thing he lacks badly is looks.. thats y he might have less female fans..

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The thing is I dont find any one of these new actors great. They are too one dimensional.

Ranveer can do many roles but succeed in few of them. Tiger is meh! Cant act. Ranbir, well I hate him. Watch Besharam and you will too.

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Lol anything the kind of movies they do are way different

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Salman Khan by 6 th year:
Maine Pyar Kiya- youth romance
Baaghi- issue based ( prostitution)
Saajan- drama ( romantic)
Sanambewafa- drama ( social)
Andaz Apna Apna- dimwit
Hum Aapke Hain Koun- drama ( family)
Karan Arjun- action

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