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Bina mile kabhi pyaar ho sakta hai? Introducing Pranutan Bahl & Zaheer Iqbal in NOTEBOOK. Trailer out on 17th Feb 2019 & movie release on 29th March.

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I hope the film is good if SKF has decided to launch newcomers at least do it in a good way

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Yes indeed. Hopefully before giving go ahead to the story, they've thoroughly checked & selected the right script.

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Kaun hain yeh log. Kaha se aate hain yeh talentless log.

by Producer (103k points)

Bina dekhe sootaj aur athiya ka pata chal gaya tha. Yeh bhi


Well those two were never given the chance to prove their mettle. Sooraj was a hero material, had screen presence & of course the voice that Bollywood yearns for. But then, mediocre screenplay gave him nothing to do. Athiya didn't impress but that could be due to the pre-release pre-conceived notion. She wasn't terrible in Hero but as usual the screenplay didn't give her anything unlike how Meenakshi had a stronger role written.

SKF rather concentrating on simply launching newcomers, should concentrate more on giving these newcomers the concrete screenplay to prove themselves. They should come out of 90's wala attitude coz these newcomers are not presented towards 90s audience.


If sooraj is hero material then why no one from bollywood giving him film after 3.5 years of his debut. No one gives rats *** about sooraj.


That's because he signed a film alongside Ajay Devgn & quit it. You got to be on your toes after first film.

Honestly in the industry nobody gives a rats arse for anybody. Be it the Khans or some newcomer. The only thing that matters is money.

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Another jhand movie from SKF.

by Location Manager (5.8k points)
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Pranutan has a massive massive task to fill in the shoes of her legendary grandmother

by Mega Star (226k points)

Doubtful that she'll be directly put in through that sort of task.

It's all upto SKF now. Simply giving a platform & a noticeable release size won't do. They shouldn't make the same mistake as in Hero & Loveyatri. Hope they've okayed a proper script here.

In a way Sooraj Pancholi was proper hero material which Bollywood seek. Hero hardly did anything. Even Aayush & Warina looked better on screen but again the film they were given hardly did anything for them. When launching newcomers, it's about time SKF & team understands the seriousness needed. The reason I am saying this is because, all 3 I mentioned above did have screen presence & were not given anything worthy to prove their mettle.

And even if this time story writing is faulty then once again SKF will be simply wasting money.