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Sarkar Final Total WW Collections. Above Average Verdict. [ABO]

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Jai murageshaaa......


As usual Andhra boxoffice giving discounts to Tamil biggies.. A 10-12 cr discount here..

TN gross - 126 cr
Ap/Tg 18.1cr
Overseas was 72cr

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If not for such high dis.share the verdict would have been better
Huge collections anyways

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Doesn't matter how they come as long as they come


Controversy resulted in cancellation of many shows during the opening week for Sarkar in TN and a movie with mixed to negative wom was never going to gain from controversy..


Don't tell me bro iam also a fan of Vijay, it got mixed to average wom at best Vijay's peak stardom and huge controversy pulled it off.
Controversy resulted show cancellation of many shows for Padmaavat also across India, be it Maharashtra, up or haryana except for ban in 3 States.
Still it collected huge without great wom.
Both mersal and Sarkar benefited controversies.


I would agree for Mersal bro but not for Sarkar.. Mersal had better wom and repeat value with Sarkar wasnt such a movie, plus the show counts kept diminishing and the run was not close to what Mersal had.. Sarkar did its 80% bisuiness on frst week itself and the controversy sparked to some extent only after the long weekend by which the major chunk of business was done unlike Mersal which shows the controversy didnt help much..

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That's why i didn"t like ABO because movie dis. share is 2nd highest of all time in south indian cinema(tamil) becides that movie is above average. wow great site. its blockbuster min. verdict according to me.

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)

Well they've given the reason. WW theatricals value is right there.

In your logic, 2.0 should get higher verdict then.


Lol why will it get blockbuster when it hasn't even break even 100%


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