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1. Most Runs In Odis - Sachin (18426 Runs)

2. Most Runs In Test - Sachin (15921 Runs)

3. Most Runs In T20 - Rohit (2326 Runs)

All Over India India...
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Very soon kohli will become the first man to score 50 odi tons.

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Hope so but most importantly win world cup 2019.


We have a big chance ajay. We are favorites for the title..


Kohli will end up with 75 Centuries in ODI at least If he doesn't skip.


Kohli is making scoring hundreds in ODI way too simple .... and he does all that by eschewing unnecessary risky shots and playing in 2nd gear ....finding gaps and runnings 1's and 2's ....

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Indian Team is the best cricket team in the world

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Tauji, pichhle saal toh aaplog bol rahe the ki whole Indian team is anti national. Therefore everyone must boycott team India. Anti national team ko best bol rahe ho!

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When it comes to producing world class batsmen none comes close to india

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