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Opening day :

Chand Ka Tukda - 25 lakh.

Kasam - 19 lakh.


Opening weekend :

Chand Ka Tukda - 73 lakh.

Kasam - 51 lakh.


First Week :

Chand Ka Tukda - 1.23cr

Kasam - 78 lakh.


Lifetime :

Chand Ka Tukda - 2.05cr.

Kasam - 1.28cr.


WW Gross :

Chand Ka Tukda - 3.89cr

Kasam - 2.33cr


Footfalls :

Chand Ka Tukda - 30.5 lakh.

Kasam - Only 10 lakh (lol).



According to muft ka Tauji aka Tom Cruise aka bazigarh Salman doesn't deserve credit for HAHK success bcz his next film after HAHK did not do well at box office. Now someone please ask our tauji that how much credit Sunny Deol deserves for Gadar's success after delivering 3 times worse under performer Kasam.


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Sunny deol never was close to Salman's stardom. The latter has sustained and built a massive box office empire which will stand the test of time. Sunny was never versatile enough to reinvent himself. And yeah gadar is the most unworthy and overrated ATBB in movie history, my personal opinion..

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@intense but acc to micro brain people salman is 2010 born star he had no stardom before that madhuri dixit is the biggest megastarni


People will always have opinions and most of them are like that only. Only someone very stupid can say Salman became a star in 2010


@Intense Tauji ko kahin heart attack na aajaye tumhara answer padke ....


@Irdwhelp, knowing tauji, he will make 5 more posts to tell us about the importance of Gadar. :D

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Not to forget the time gap of 8 years between the movie par acc to haters salman fans don't have logic

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That too without inflation adjusted

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salman next film had less than 10 l footfalls where as kasam was delayed film with better footfalls. Sunny next was record opener hit

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Delayed? What about Majdhar and Andaz Apna Apna? Did you ever mention it?


Arre oo tauji....idhar dekho facts https://boxofficeindia.com/movie.php?movieid=3087

Salman's next had around 31 lakh ff but tukka paazi's next had only 10 lakh ff.

Tukka paazi ka 10 lakh Salman ka 31 lakh se better kaise hai tauji?

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