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Did Salman Khan not get a film for 6 months after Maine Pyar Kiya?

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It's repeatedly said by haters that Salman didn't get a film for 6 months even after Maine Pyar Kiya, the biggest hit ever for a newcomer and try to give credit for the movie to an actress whose only Hit is the movie itself.This is the most absurd theory the world can imagine.

India Today mentioned Baaghi for Salman Khan by 17 th week of MPK . By May ( the 6 th month), Filmfare mentioned Sanambewafa, Kurbaan, Baaghi and even Hum Aapke Hain Koun too
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Lambodar, get your facts right.
Salman is still working with arbaaz,remo,sohail,sajid etc., Karan Arjun was also small with Rakesh Roshan just giving flops after flops. And Hddcs was second lead???
How do you say Sanju walked away with all credits for Saajan? All praised Salman then as he has shown that he can be great in dramatic roles?
Yes, he got flops in 92-93 but with high prospect movies with Madhuri and Sridevi (2 movies).
Majdhar and AAA should also have been in between but for late releases.
He was offered Baazigar too.


kamchor, khudgarz, khoon bhari maang, kala bazar, kishan kanhiyya are flops ....agree
khel, king uncle of small budget movie....agree

madhuri's secretory rinku aka reema rakeshnath debut venture dil tera aashiq was big budget movie...agree
sawan kumar tak who produces heroine oriented movie like sanam bewafa, wafa se wafa made big budget movie chand ka tukda....agree
i dont remeber director of chandramukhi
bazigaar was big budget movie because it was first offer to salman....agree


I have heard one more news,SBW a heroine oriented movie, yes Dabangg is also heroine oriented movie.
Salman survives still on others help.Be satisfied.
And I am waiting for 25 th majorhit for Salman Khan ( now 20) and to become first actor with 25 solohits (now 18).

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Salman was a overnight craze after mpk according to many trade magazines, but he didn't have any credit in its success then how the hell bhagyashree was the reason.
She was also a debutante, what matters is that Salman was the solo lead in mpk and got benefited from it.
He became a star with mpk as per boi

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Yes nepotism exists. But a powerful family name is more of a burden than advantage. It gives you 4-5 chances, but becoming a megastar needs fan following and talent which no family name can give you. It's a rotten and dumb theory propagated by Professor Kangana Ranaut and some foolish people believe it.

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Yes for 6 month he had no offers.. later salim n ramesh sippy made a news of casting salman for new movie bhaghi.... later immediatly he got many offers like love sanam bewafa kurban etc.. it was said by salman himself n i like him more for saying that in public.. other star would have said m having plenty offers after mega blockbuster movie... any other star wont have that guts to say that in public wch wil damage thier image unless ur Megastar Salman khan.. that's y he is today biggest megastar ever who single handledly runs any crap movie with his star power...

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When some jokers, loggerheaded jerks and moro-ns lose an argument argument they bring Nepotism, Baap ne star banaya kinda things.... Someone remind these illiterate moro-ns that Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan are also Salim Khan's son.

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Plus Salman Khan's brothers



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Salman Khan First Solo Lead Hero Debut Maine Pyar Kiya Footfalls Not Cross By Almost Many Stars Till Now. No Compitition At All.

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Salman became an Overnight star with his debut movie... Whereas bachhan was renowned all over as a Failed actor till 5 yrs of his debut till Salim khan gave him a role and recommended his names to big directors.

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Salman himself said that lol.

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Star bahut kuch kehte hai....kehna padta hai. Har cheez ko sachchai maan loge?


Why will anyone say negative stuff about himself unless it's true?


He said that in respect of his father.

BTW, Akshay said Pakistan loves him the most...even far more than India. Isko bhi sach maan loge kya?


I can't agree even Taran Adarsh and Manmohan Desai when they said Maine Pyar Kiya is bigger hit than Sholay.Salman said Sonam in PRDP is better than Madhuri Dixit in HAHK........