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23 years of Dharmendra starrer AATANK. Our own version of JAWS.

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This was initially a shelved film from the 80s. The film was sold at an auction to Bemisaal Productions. Later when the version was shown to Dharmendra, he promised to help complete the film. 

Actors Amjad Khan, Keshto Mukherjee & Vinod Mehra passed away by the time film started it's re-shoot. All of their remaining shots have been filmed using body doubles & their voice dubbed over by mimicry artists. 

A special role & sub-plot for actor Ravi Kishan was added for the 1996 version as the makers felt an younger actor was required.

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Haven't watched it

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Certain gems are not to be missed. The link has been shared above for you to check.

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