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Rocking Star Yash Monster Hit K.G.F. Chapter 1 completes 50 days in theaters. Chapter 2 shoot starts next month.

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I wonder why did the digital release happened so quick it should atleast be 90 days after the release

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Naa, 7-8 weeks is good, almost no film add ₹10cr SHARE after week 4, and if they are getting ₹30cr or in some case even ₹50cr for digital release, digital streamers have full right to go for streaming.

And most of times by week 8, a good quality *** print is in market so they have to fight that too. In fact, I will advocate to reduce window to 4 weeks for smaller films and 5-6 weeks to big films. I won't mind paying 25-30% more on subscription if I get to watch films within 4 weeks.


But then why will a person like me will go to watch it in theatre if it comes that early on digital
It actually benefits people byt doesn't it impact the box office collection


There are piraated prints on net very next day so if someone want to watch a film in theatre he do watch it. And by 4th week, quality of those prints is in fact, good.


Fair point digital release is good for people like us those who like to wait and watch it in good quality rather than bad hall prints

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Hell excited for this one, kgf had one of the best climax of all-time, last 20-30mins was just fabulous

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