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Mine top 3

Garfield Sobers , Jacques Kallis  , Kapil Dev

Honorary Mention - Richard Hadlee ,Andrew Symonds ,Lance  Klusener
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Legend - Gary Sobers

Personal favorite - Kapil Dev

3rd would be Imran Khan for being outstanding captain as well

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He’s not in the list.

Hardik Pandya.

“Mai karke aaya”

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Garfield Sobers by miles, batting, bowling (pace and spin) and fielding.

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As Per Stats- Kallis

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King Jacques Kallis..!!

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Kallis by a distance.......................

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by a distance

can only be said about sobers


Haven't seen sobers. In the modern era, he's the best by some distance for me.

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Sobers - goat

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Since i have not seen sobers play for me it will be kallis
BTW did omeone really voted for shakib like really

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