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Which is the most popular movie of each khan?

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I am not talking box office wise but which one movie is the first thing that comes into mind while talking about these actors for srk its very close between ddlj and kkhh i feel

what about the other two khans?
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Wow! How handsome Salman was.Deserved the 7 th rank in the People magazine.


Absolutely. Bhai's worst Marigold is 10 times more famous than Akshay's biggest blockbuster.
Oops! Sorry, Has Akshay delivered any blockbuster???

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Most popular Films -

Salman - Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!
Aamir - Rangeela
Shahrukh - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Best Films -

Salman - Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Aamir - 3 Idiots
Shahrukh - Baazigar

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i am surprised i always thought for most people dabbang is the most popular movie of salman and 3idiots or lagaan for aamir

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When I think of Bollywood first thing that comes to mind is Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!
Aamir Khan ,AAA, Rangeela
Shahrukh Khan, Jara Tasveer See tu song (Pardes),CDI last scene

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well thats unique because for most people i know the most popular movie of salman is dabbang and for aamir its 3 idiots or lagaan


Dabangg is great from the angle of mother, family problem, songs but HAHK is something else,Salman is the ideal son, ideal lover, ideal brother, naughty but responsible.What a great piece of art just like Pride and Prejudice, no violence, no nothing but a symbol of national integration without being preachy.A Muslim character ( Satish Shah) humming Allah in a traditional Hindu family( watch dhiktana song).How well Sooraj bring everything in a movie!(MPK also through a muslim contractor).Servants are family members, pets are family members, what not even a butterfly knows its duty, to **** nectar ( Ye mausam ka jadoo song) escaping Salman and flying towards the flower Madhuri .Watch Pehla Pehla pyar song and you will notice the naughty Prem but not out of lust but Love. I can give you 1000 of reasons for its success which for me was totally underperformed.Wish it came after DDLJ after the change in the mindset of family audience.


well yes hahk has salman as a normal guy and not in a heroic image which he has to play too now in every movie and that simplicity really works for him in the film,but how can you say it under performed its one of the biggest blockbusters in history probably in top 5 of all time way bigger than ddlj box office wise. yes its a little less popular than ddlj now and the people who do not know about box office always think ddlj is a bigger hit i dont know why.

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DDLJ And KKHH For Shahrukh
HAHK And Dabangg For Salman
Rangeela And 3 Idiots For Aamir

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Hmm May Be Im Baised Bcz I Love That Character Most!


agree munna is emotional scenes in that movie is so


Yes I remember that look of Aamir when Urmila narrates about her film and Aamir sits on stairs just starring at her, also the scene when Aamir hides the ring that he bought for Urmila And The Hotel Scene When Urmila Goes With Jackie

Thank God Film Had Happy Ending


rgv ne ek kaam dhang ka kara duniya me ending achchi rakh kar

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Popular means most watched.
No two options there except DDLJ, Dangal, HAHK for the global popularity

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well you have a point but i still feel 3 idiots is way more popular for aamir speically because of the topic of the film and as for salman hahk was a great film and huge blockbuster but the image of the mass action star which salman still maintains and which people associate with him most of it started with dabbang. i feel there are two different sets of salman fans one who used to like him more before dabbang and one who love his image now


Do you know HAHK is in DVD collections at many houses; and the whole family still watch it once a month. Let's see if the future changes it. Dabangg got him known to the newer generation, but is forgotten by the family. HAHK is still celebrated. I don't like the movie though, but 10 years ago when I was in Singapore and wasn't earning, I had it's CD, I could watch and enjoy it for ten continuous Saturdays.


yes that is true maybe then dabbang is more popular than hahk on social media and with youth and everywhere else hahk rules


3 idiots could be more popular than Dangal, but China factor is there. It could be 3 idiots because people later watched it on digital platform and Dangal's China success is because of 3 idiots. BUT I would still go for Dangal.

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Popular films of Khans

Salman - HAHK
Aamir - 3 Idiots / Dangal

My favourites

Salman - Bajrangi Bhaijaan / Tere Naam
Aamir - 3 Idiots / Dil Chahta Hain

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aamir = 3 idiots
salman = hahk
srk = ddlj

my fav

aamir = 3 idiots and tzp
salman = sultan
srk = khnh and don 2

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Aamir Khan for me is Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander
Salman Khan Is Hum Dil Dey Chukey Sanam
Shahrukh Khan is Dil Se

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nice unique choices all great films

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Aamir: 3I
Salman: Dabangg

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