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BOI Mentions 3 Actors Run As Best Run Of All Time

  1. Rajesh Khanna- 1969 To 1971: 15 Back To Back Hits Including 9 Blockbusters Out Of Which 2 Were Hgoty
  2. Aamir Khan- 2006 To 2017: Out Of 8 Lead Role Films, 8 Were Success, 7 Were Hits, 5 Were Blockbusters And 4 Were Atbb, He Also Gave 5 ATG, 5 Hgoty, 2 Hgotd Between This Period. Out Of 3 Extended Guest Appearance Films 1 Was Super Hit, 1 Average And 1 Below Average (Art Film)
  3. Salman Khan- 2010 To 2018*: 13 Films, 12 Success, 10 Hits, 9 Blockbusters, 1 Atbb, 5 Hgoty
Special Mention To Run Of Amitabh Bachchan From 1975-1985 And Run Of Dilip Kumar From 1947-1961, Both Gave Many Huge Blockbusters During This Period!

For Actress BOI Never Mentioned Best Run For Anyone But As Per Stats Madhuri Had Best Run Of All Time (Though Unlike Actors She Did Give Outright Flops In Between Her Run)

1988-1997: She Gave 10 Blockbusters During This Period Out Of Which 1 Was Atbb, She Also Gave 5 Hgoty, 1 Atg, 1 Hgotd, 1 Hgotc

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Rajesh khanna run > rest

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Hmm Huge Volume In Just 3 Years Time (Avg Of 5 Hits And 3 Blockbusters Per Year)


Unbreakable record.


Agreed (y)

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Add Amitabh Bachchan 1975-1984 The Greatest run of hindi cinema. Many blockbuster and many hits coming during that period.

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Ok adding

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srk from 93-08 for very good consistency and amitabh for his mega grossers in his prime should also be included and in actress sridevi also

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Hmm These Runs Along With Dilip Kumar's Run When He Gave Outright Flop After 15 Years Are Also Excellent

For Actress Run Of Hema Malini Is 2nd To Only Madhuri!


hema malini was a rage those days heartbeat of almost all young men but i never found her acting good apart from sholay n satte pe satta


Hmm She Had Decent To Good Acting Skills But Was Most Beautiful Actress Of That Era Plus Excellent Dancing Skills!

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What about salman great run from 92-96 giving back to back flop & disasters & washout initials and no hit without other superstars and top director.Amitabh blockbusters from 75-79 are more than aamir career

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And yeah @khiladi what about back to back 15 flops from akshay how about that for a run
So true much truth pyaaz adrak pudina very true


Pyaaz adrak pudina hahahahaha(rofl)(rofl):x


@tau ...
Even after giving ATBB Gadar Sunny couldn't able to come on top spot where as after Dabangg Salman became numero uno it shows who had more stardom b4 & after those films....
@khiladi Akki leads in the list of most disasters & flops by a distance .. p


rofl sallu ka to career 2010 tak multistarrers par tika tha :D

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