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Why BOI Put Dev Anand above Rajesh Khanna in All Time Star Ranking (Years: 2005) ???

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Is Really Dev Anand Bigger Star than Rajesh Khanna,, Raj Kapoor or Rajendra Kumar ???

There is Only One Reason bcoz He Got his 1st Hit in 1948 & His Last Hit in 1978 ..In These 30 Years He has Many Hits but not Huge Blockbuster ..

I think He is Most Consistent Star Bcoz Of This BOI Putted him above Them..

That's Why He is Considered as Evergreen Star.
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Haa mjhe Rajendra Kumar prr doubt hai


Hmm Lets See


@RANCHO BOI ke article ke anusar srk ab out of top 7 , rest aap sab ki marji.


Arey Bhai Itna Neeche, Khair Dekhte Hain

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Dev Anand Is Not Bigger Than Rajendra Kumar In Box Office Bcz Even Though Both Have 20 Odd Hits Still Rajendra Kumar Has Much Bigger Hits Than Him, Not Sure About Blockbusters But Both Would Have 5 Odd Blockbusters, Rajendra Kumar Having Few More Than Him, In Terms Of Major Box Office Records He Is Ahead Of Dev Anand, In Terms Of Stardom Rajendra Kumar And Dev Anand Would Be At Par Bcz Even Though Rajendra Kumar Dominated A Decade Which Dev Didnt Still Dev Was Ahead In Terms Of Longevity!

Raj Kapoor Is Bigger Than Dev Anand In Terms Of Box Office Even Though Dev Has 5 Odd Hits More Than Raj Still Raj Kapoor Has More Bigger Grossers, Blockbusters And Much More Major Records, In Terms Of Stardom/Popularity Dev Is Bigger I Believe He Was 2nd To Only Dilip Kumar In That Era

Talking About Rajesh Khanna Well None Of The Above Mentioned Actors Were Btr Than Him, He Has 25 Hits And 10 Blockbusters Which They Dont Have, Yes In Terms Of Major Records/Big Grossers He Is Behind Raj Kapoor And Rajendra Kumar But In Terms Of Stardom He Is Ahead Of All Of Them And Even Overall Box Office Wise He Is Ahead

If Consistently Is Considered Then Aamir Should Be Ahead Of Dev Anand His 1st Hit Came In 1988, He Is Still A Top Superstar And Let Alone Last Hit Of Career Even Last Hit As Superstar Can Come Till 2023 Means Minimum 35 Odd Years, Even After That He Can Continue Like Dilip Kr. And Amitabh In 2nd Phase Of Career, But I Dont Think BOI Considers This Criteria And Its Not Even Needed For Aamir As Hits Are Almost In Same Range May Be 2-3 Hits Of Dev Are More But Aamir Is Much Ahead In Terms Of Blockbusters, Major Box Office Records And Even Stardom Wise Is Bigger, I Think After Update BOI Will Place Rajesh Khanna Above Them, BOI Has Habit For Confusing, Sometimes They Say Dev Bigger, Sometimes Rajesh Sometimes Rajendra Kumar, Even In All Time Rank Sometimes Amitabh Sometimes Dilip Kumar Sometimes Dharam, Not Only This Even In Terms Of Khans Sometimes They Say Srk Is Bigger Sometimes Salman

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
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Both are great superstars and action of Dev Anand was fantastic specially the way he use to punch

by Camera Operator (11.6k points)

Lol Dev And Kaka Were Romantic Stars, Action Didnt Suit On Them


Your sense of humour is low


Hahah Sarcasm Nahi Samjha Mai


yes, his style was unique.

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because romance is the toughest genre to be consistently successful and he did that and also getting a blockbuster in romance genre is very tough and most of his movies were in this genre

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

Kaka Was Biggest Romantic Star Of Previous Era He Gave Many Romantic Blockbusters Probably More Than Dev Anand's Entire Career Blockbusters

And Romance Is A Hugely Successful Genre For Bollywood, Almost All Actors Who Became Overnight Stars Till Date Have Debuted With Romantic Films, Many Blockbusters And Atbb Have Been Given In This Genre Till Date Including The 2nd Biggest Atbb Of Indian Cinema


you cant call mughlal e aazam just a romantic film it was much more than that its like saying padmaavat was a romantic film and yes lots of stars have given huge bbs in romance in their debuts but very few people have given consistent hits in this genre and that is the biggest challenge and i cant remember the last romantic bb it must have been a decade or even before that


But BOI Will Classify It Has Romantic Film, Padmaavat Is A Drama, Last Romantic BB Were Aashiqi 2 And YJHD

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