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India is on a roll before the world Cup A series win in Austrslia before that South Africa and now New Zealand what do you think about India's chances in the upcoming World Cup

Second ODI series win for India in New Zealand after 3-1 win in 2009 under MS Dhoni.

- Most wins after 63 ODIs as captain:

50 C Lloyd/ R Ponting


46 V Richards/ H Cronje

41 M Clarke
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All Hail King Kohli

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If Kohli Wins ODI T20 Test World Cup And Makes His Team No. 1 In All Formats Of The Game Then He Will Be Remembered As Greatest Cricketer Of All Time Bcz As Batsman Also He Will Be 2nd Or May Be At Par With Sachin And As Captain He Will Be At Par Or May Be Even Slightly Btr Than Ponting!

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Smith and Warner are banned . LOLLLLL!!!!!!
Anyway, congrats to Shami too for 2 MOM awards in 3 games.

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india vs england world cup final anyone can win in this match

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

India will win sure....

India have better talent right now.....

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It's only because of rohit dharma and bluetooth tips by ms dhoni. Let's congratulate them. Kohli is taking Indian team to dark ages.

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Awwwww Greek God see the live match mate. 87/9 under rohit Sharma's captaincy. Hahahahahahahaa. First match outside Asia and we can see the results.


So Batting collapse = Captaincy failure. Pass me the weed bro. And see what happens when Dhoni not in the team in crisis moment.


Yeah I know people like you. The day kohli lifts the world cup you will cry thala tips, he is real captain. If we lose the world cup, then kohli worst captain. Sack him


I like Kohli a lot. He is the Best in the world. But you are just a blind dhoni hater who can't go beyond Hating Dhoni. Today's result proved how important dhoni is. If Dhoni was not there in 1st ODI in Australia result would have been similar. Its okay you like kohli. But more you hate dhoni more than you like kohli. Its a hypocrisy.

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Perhaps talent not coming in cricket...

Specially foreign team.... India has improvise their talent...

Look like domestic cricket going...

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India is too strong for all teams in the world currently barring England in ODI's. I believe India should have won the test series in England. 15th July 2019 India vs. England at Lords.

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And kohli will lift a world cup and become an even bigger legend.


He already is. Even if he don't win he will be the GOAT in future.

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