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At The Age Of Ranbir Kapoor - 

Hits - 

Salman Khan - 14

Shahrukh khan - 12

Aamir Khan - 9

Ranbir Kapoor - 6

Blockbusters -

Shahrukh Khan - 7

Salman Khan - 6

Aamir Khan - 4

Ranbir Kapoor - 2

Highest Grosser Of The Year - 

Salman Khan - 1989, 1991, 1994, 1999

Shahrukh Khan - 1995, 1998

Aamir Khan - 1990, 1996

Ranbir Kapoor - 2018

* Clearly Visible Young Star Nothing In Front Of Khan's In Its Initial Phase. So Khan's Is Baap Of Bollywood.

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Nineties youngsters (Khans, Akki & Ajay) had everything to their accounts... Even much more than in that time's established stars. They combinedly had (1989-1999)........
1 ATG (senior stars - 0)
2 HGOTD (senior stars - 0)
2 BHOTD (senior stars - 0)
8 HGOTY (senior stars - nly 3)
5 ATBB (senior stars - 2)
14-15 blockbusters (senior stars - 10-12)
48-50 clean hits
7-8 Record openers
4 movies with 4cr+ FF
6 movies with 3+cr FF
12-13 movies with 2+cr FF
20-25 movies with 1.5cr+ FF.
Now let's have a look at today's youngsters (Kapurs, Dhawan, Singh etc) achievements.......
3 blockbusters
Only 15-16 clean hits
0 record openers
No 3/4cr FF movies
2 movies with 2+cr FF (lol)
4 movies with 1.5cr FF (ol)
I have request to everyone that please don't insult Khans by comparing them with these so called stars.

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It's an insult to the khans to be compared to ranbir or ranveer or varun or tiger.

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Some new members says khans nothing so i made this to reply those.

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More than the numbers, the Khans have already proved their versality by then.
MPK, DDLJ, QSQT- romance
Karan Arjun,Ghulam- action
Andaz Apna Apna,Badshah- comedy.

I don't care for the' we - are- arty" critics or " buy- my - awards" ceremonies.

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Aamir 10/11 Hits

Anyways Khans>>>Any Actor Btwn 1988-2018

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Comparison shouldn't be made on the basis of age bcoz someone can debut at a early age and someone at a later point so compare by years firat 5 years or 10 years lile that coming to this this is no secret i know fans of these young stars wanna deny it but they are nothing infront of the khans

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different period then salman gave disasters and flops with disaster initials Hahk saved his career but became a star only due to David.Mpk and Hahk was due to Sooraj and how many bumper openers salman gave on his own stardom aamir had two bumper openers only with Indra Kumar and Ranbir thrashed salman when he was not a superstar

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Funny paazi disasters this century>>>>all the three Khans whole careers disaster count... Aur tauji Khans ke disasters pe baat karenge (rofl)

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