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Decade 2000 - 2009

Shahrukh Khan Vs Hrithik Roshan

Total Movies - 22 Vs 14 

Blockbuster - 4 Vs 4

Super Hit - 2 Vs 1

3 cr Footfalls - 1 Vs 2

2 cr Footfalls - 3 Vs 3

Decade 2010 - 2019 (Till 2018)

Shahrukh Khan Vs Hrithik Roshan

Total Movies - 12 Vs 8

Blockbuster - 1 Vs 1

Super Hit - 1 Vs 1

3 cr Footfalls - 0 Vs 0

2 cr Footfalls - 1 Vs 0

Last Hit - 2014 Vs 2013

Overall - 

Total Movies - 34 Vs 22

Blockbuster - 5 Vs 5

Super Hit - 3 Vs 2

Big Hit % - 23% Vs 32%

3 cr Footfalls - 1 Vs 2

2 cr Footfalls - 4 Vs 3

* Looks like if Shahrukh faces Good time than Hrithik also having good time at the box office. and if shahrukh faces poor time at the box office than hrithik also similar.

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Hrithik had 1 2cr footfall in this decade with krrish3.. Plz edit..


krrish 3 footfalls - 1.76 cr check boi.


Dude its 2.18cr..please check..

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Krrish 3 Footfalls - 2.18cr..
Srk ke Equal hai

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HR challenged SRK for the top position with his very first movie.
Mission Kashmir was a record opener, weekend, week against a yashraj+Adi+Srk movie.
He came back strongly with Koi mil gaya and hit the top spot with Dhoom2, Krish.
Craze for HR was so huge then if he could have capitalized on it but alas.
There's a misconception that SRK was the undisputed ruler of last decade but HR was bigger than him for several years even Aamir overtook him after 3Idiots though overall he's bigger due to more volume but he wasn't no1 for each year of the decade like Salman this decade.

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The only myth is tgat human beings cannot live without brain, i can see two of them right here.


Once again pseudo intellectual @TB degrading people just bcoz of there opinion


Tb, HR was as big as SRK back then. Talking only about domestic. Not worldwide.


It's not opinion, it's trying to defame SRK for no reason, this is a post about how their decades have been kind of similar.

But here we have, oh, look, he's bigger star, nope he's bigger star, that's a myth, no that's a myth, and look there's bhai, oh Ace is also there.

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hrithik was bigger than salman for the whole decade and bigger than aamir till ghajini and that was the reason he was never compared to these guys but only to srk it was pretty much like salman vs srk at the start of this decade with heated fan wars. Any guy who used to get a hit film was compared with srk because he was the benchmark

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well yes i accept it he has declined a lot but what i mentioned was true as well so its fine


Off course, both Srk and Hrithik>>>Salman in the last decade... Only a blind one can deny it.


finally someone not biased here thanks


Biased or unbiased ki baat nhi... facts cannot be changed.

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Do a comparison between Salman and Hrithik from (2000-2010). Even hrithik was bigger star and actor than Salman Bhai lol.

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I made this comparision because i want to say both luck is combined together. if srk rock than hrithik rock if srk poor than hr also the same. and every body knows that salman is below in that decade.


Lol can't live without taking salman's name can you

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Simple si baat hai 2010s dono ke liye kharab hai.

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HR was a big star back then. To compete with the then no 1 star was a feat in itself and he managed it with his very first movie.

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Hrithik will remain the last Pan India Star .....
His craze was never seen for any younger star from the 1st movie itself ..

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Hrithik was better performer than srk last decade.
And this decade he just ruined it.. If he had volume of releases what srk had ,then this decade also hrithik would have been ahead..

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