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First of all my review will be according to Bollywood standard.
On the name of period war movie we have been watching costume drama and extramarital affairs, love story.
Honestly saying Bollywood doesn't have a single good PERIOD WAR movie director, bhansali can give the scale but time and again he has failed to show war scene effectively.
But this time we have a legendary writer right down from south and a good director.
Manikarnika opens well, takes time to build relationship between them though due to too much songs it may feel like a drag.
But once a tragic loss happens it never saw back, it starts to go over expectations.
Watch out for the scene when Manikarnika loses her son, perfect amalgam of Action, Drama, Emotions.
For the first time ever A Bollywood period movie has shown war scenes effectively, they are spectacular and treat to watch on big screen.
The Climax is extraordinary and will blow you away completely, it will take a while for the extreme rush of emotions to settle down.
1-VFX & CGI due to budget constraints
2-Buildup in 1st half is too slow due to too much song
3-Supporting characters, though it has a huge supporting cast but no one gets to do much except for Danny to certain, it's only kangana all the way.
4-They have made a couple of changes and reshoots resulting in some disjoint, kangana shouldn't have spoiled krish's work like this.

Kangana puts up such a marvellous act that after a point it's difficult to distinguish between Rani Laxmibai and herself.
All in all Manikarnika is worth a big screen watch, go for it and you won't be disappointed.

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Manikarnika is the movie I watched! No matter how the girl is, she can excel in any roles. She is the superstar.

It's not exactly like the stories we read, it's a bit different, no spoilers. But she as the queen is perfect! When she shouts, that has a reason, when she is silent that has a reason. Superb performance.

3 stars for script screenplay and the team and .5 for Kangna. Total 3.5 stars!

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)

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