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Actually Bombay Velvet definite did have the shades of those classics. He is not wrong in saying that.

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There you go. What better to expect from a man whose mental processes go like this, "in love, even water tastes like sherbet"

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Yeah it did have only the shades and the film was not even 1% of all those films
I still can't believe kashyap made such a movie but then again he was working with a Legend

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What an insight from the best actor ever!

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scarface and godfather would have been bigger diasters in india than bw so he is right in a way

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Scarface, Godfather, Trishul & Deewar had shades of Bombay Velvet

There you go, fixed it for you.

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Itnay saray jhoot aik sath kaise bol let's hai yeh monkey

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What A Shame That Is :x

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