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Celebrating 5 Years of Megastar Salman Khan starrer JAI HO.

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The best thing about the movie is that Bhai believed/believes in the concept. He still can be seen showing that “Three” sign to people.

We see many actors making movies with a social message but once the movie has released, they just move on. They’re in it only for money, at least it seems so. Salmanon the other hand keeps on doing what he does in those movies

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Even if Sohail could have made a scene to scene remake it could have turned out to be a great watch.
But he just spoiled the original and all those cameos were unnecessary, bringing tank on road.

It wasn't that bad but a big chance missed, broke the blockbuster streak of Salman.

by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
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It could have been a very good movie but somehow it didn't turn out that good

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Good concept and terrible execution. The tank on the road was hilarious though. Only sohail could have done it.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Wish Salim Khan hadn’t advised his boys to change the movie’s name and theme.

The whole movie was made with title Mental, if you’ve seen the movie you’d know that Salman was supposed to be shown as a “MENTAL” and that was basically the theme of movie apart from the help three people angle. But they changed the name and it was a total mess.
The patriotic angle was not required at all. It would have been a good masala movie with a message but alas!

by Assistant Director (53.8k points)

Nope & big Nope.

Stalin was not a mental guy. He is a soldier & will always be one even if he is not in the force. He would be totally injured taking out Pakistani army single-handedly & doctors fail to remove one bullet which is closer to his heart. He cannot get emotionally stressed which would cause the bullet to get in his heart which would kill him. His chief decides to take him off the force in order to save him. Disappointed he comes back & is still a force to reckon with off his uniform.

Now Jai, is not removed from the force for any of the reasons above. Jai doesn't fight with Pakistani army either. It's an Indian politician played by Danny who does fake terrorist attack which causes Salman's troupe to pay the price. This is thrown in casually.

Believing in Pay it Forward theory makes Chiranjeevi call himself a mad person to hope for people's change. That is where Salman's character goes through when he assumes people aren't changing.

The whole climax of Stalin relies on how the bullet is inching towards his heart while fighting. That part is entirely omitted in well what was easily the best choreographed action climax scene.

Mental wouldn't have matched this film whatsoever. So whatever changes you are saying are mentioned above by me. Other than this, the movie is exactly same as Stalin.

Since the main theme was not subtle, all Jai Ho required was more subtle approach towards the sub plots. The Pay It Forward concept was beautifully established in Telugu when Chiru watched a bunch of differently abled children in a running race & one falls down. All other kids come back to life the kid & finish the line together. This was based on actual incident. But in Jai Ho, Salman thinks of the theory by doing multiplication. That scene fell flat.


I watched the beginning pf Stalin and it was waaay too cheesy.. says the guy who loves Indra but I couldn’t sit through Stalin.

It’s just I think that Mental pe story likhi thi (or whetever) and they shouldn’t have changed the central theme.

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The iconic movie which gave Puneet Shukla goosebumps and gave this forum an iconic catchphrase "Bhai Ho"

And.....that's the only positive thing about this movie.

by All Time best! (268k points)

u forgot Grand Nova, Akash, Playboy running away from the forum.??...that's when some of these Salman fans were named as Bhagodaas

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Wow, what a movie it was. Suniel Shetty coming with a tank out of nowhere was mindblowing, wow what an entry it was; no logic only magic of Salman, lol!!!!!

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)

So, you are also amongst those who can't digest food without taking SRK'S name. I was praising the cult scene in Jay Ho, and thank God, SRK was remembered here too.


Nah i can digest my food without taking anyone's name but the thing is the cult scenes in zero and JHMS goes above this scene so why not praise SRK for doing so


Check the question, check my answer! Are you mad to bring SRK here? Where did he come from? Your hatred????? See... Those sorts of scenes in any movies get cult following over years. Watch the move "The Room", or "Shaolin Soccer", or "Planet Terror", or "Machete". Even the tank scene is Jai ho is a classic. That's what I was praising, don't go after SRK when I answer a question genuinely!


There a reason why Salman called them "Launde Lapade"

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