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Was busy with some works and Kumbh Mela. Will be continuing this series regularly now onward.

1. Angoor (1982): 9/10 My year started with Gulzar's intelligent take on Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors and it's damn hilarious. Mostly old classic comedy doesn't work me to the great extent, maybe because of generation differences, but the situational errors that bring laughs in Angoor is beyond any generation gap. Sanjeev Kumar and Devan Verma in the double role have a complete distinction in a way you can't confuse between the characters though credit also goes how screenplay has been written with great details. Overall, it's a classic in all true sense.

2. Saaraansh (1984): 10/10 This film was so heartbreaking. Mahesh Bhatt's take on life and death reminded me of film Masaan and I can say that Masaan is Saaraansh of 21st century, and that's not saying Saaraansh has lost its relevance today, it's as apt today as it was that time, it's one of the most strongest emotionally driven Bollywood films I've ever watched. Going to stay in my heart forever.

3. Uri: The Surgical Strike (2018): 7/10 Full marks on the technicality. Loved the exciting cinematography and breathtaking fight sequences. After Madras Cafe, Uri is the only film whose war sequences really hooked me up and felt realistic for a Bollywood film. The film holds your attention throughout the film and Aditya Dhar deserves all the applause and success for that. Story is predictable and it's brilliant that how they crafted a secret mission, which is not a confronting war in a true sense, in chapters to establish the right mood and sense of revenge among us. To the end, you definitely feel patriotic and proud of your soldiers and your nation. Deserves a watch.

4. SONI (2019): 9/10 It was unexpected. Completely unexpected. What a great film. Netflix latest release puts you in a deep breath and leaves you with many unanswered questions. There's no songs or background music in the entire film until end credit scene starts rolling and its camera work is a thing to study with almost every scene is long single shot which surpasses every previous Bollywood films I've ever watched till now. Some shots are more than 5-minutes long without any cut and that technique, I think, help you to submerge into the characters and what they're going through. It's unfortunate that the film isn't being discussed by many so I request everyone to watch this out and spread the positive words.
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Naseeb (1981) 4/5

Raja Hindustani 4/5

Fanaa 4/5

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In last 21 days, only 3 films? That's slow.


Hahha Han Bhai Thoda slow ho gaya speed :D

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well right now i am in a retro bollywood viewing streak this week i managed to watch just 2films though.Recomendations of bollywood films from the 50s and 60s are welcome
1- tere ghar ke saamne (1963) 7/10
2- sangam (1964) 8/10

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Do Raaste, Waqt From 1960s


thanks man will check them out after finishing classics of raj kapoor and dev anand


Ok bro (y)

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  1. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch: 6/10 (5/10 for the sheer concept)
  2. Annihilation: 3/10. Started well but it kept tossing the logic aside and dumb climax.
  3. You: 5/10. First 4 episodes are brilliant but then it goes too much and keep going down down down and down.
  4. Thugs of Hindostan: 2/10. Pathetic visuals and acting. It could have been a great film.
  5. Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan (Punjabi): 2/10. There are around 5-6 jokes that works in this film, that's ok.
  6. Vada Chennai: 6/10. Very good but that stupid heroism climax.
  7. 96: 7/10 (5/10 for 3 scenes. You will know once you watch)
  8. Sui Dhaaga: 0/10. Ridiculous.


  1. Jagga Jasoos: 6/10
  2. Don 2: 5/10 (all for Don style and fact this film was made in 2011 & Bollywood won't be able to make till 2031 perhaps but film 0/10)
  3. October: 8/10. Best of 2018. I thought it was Andhadhun, but naa this is the best.

Movie of the Weeks: October

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5/10 for 3 scenes in 96 i have watched the film but didn't get your point here probably bcoz i loved the movie personally

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Hmmm 2 weeks...

  1. Bumblebee [2019] = 5/10 [1st film of 2019 in theater]
  2. NTR - Kathanayakudu [2019 - Telugu] = 4/10 [Highly disappointing biopic. A lenient 4.]
  3. Petta [2019 - Tamil] = 6/10 [Only for Superstar. If not overall good, still better than all his recent outings. Infact better than all his films released this decade.]
  4. Birbal Case 1 - Vajramuni [2019 - Kannada] = 3/10 [Never to watch a premiere show with cast & crew. Since it is touted to be a trilogy, for the producer's sake I hope they imake better films.]
  5. F2 - Fun & Frustration [2019 - Telugu] = 4/10 [Terrific First half which was hilarious till interval scene. But the interval scene was a bummer which just lead to an unfunny terrible second half which was just too hard to sit through.]
  6. Glass [2019] = 4/10 [M. Night Shyamalan disappoints & how. But then we are so used to go through this that I don't feel like heavily complaining. A lenient rating only because of James McAvoy's performance.]
  7. Sarkar [2018 - Tamil] = 4/10 [Boring commercial fare which did had a good concept but a routine execution.]
  8. C/o Kancharapalem [2018 - Telugu] = 9/10 [Re-watch. Finally made my parents watch & boy, my mom was heavily critical of the movie. She just did NOT like it at all towards the end.]
  9. Pihu [2019] = 3/10 [Utterly unnecessary film which just kept on dragging.]
  10. Venom [2018] = 3/10 [Bad.]
  11. Thugs of Hindostan [2018] = 3/10 [Not as worse as Race 3 but watching it was exactly as torturous as Race 3. The rating 3 is just to differentiate it from Race 3. Oh what a worse film!]

First Time Watches = Except C/o Kancharapalem, rest all of them.

Movie(s) of the week = C/o Kancharapalem & Petta [only for Rajini]

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So we had bad two weeks, with just a rewatch helping the cause.


Yes.. disappointing weeks indeed.

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Saving Private Ryan 8/10
First 25 mins are peak
A beautiful movie indeed

Mowgli Legend Of The Jungle 5/10
Medicore is the word for this movie

Manto 6/10
Nawaz's brilliant performance holds the otherwise irregular movie

Game of thrones S2 7/10
Liked it the tension is building with every season
Haunting Of the hill house S1 8/10
Not the regular horror but it has some brilliant writing and acting

Searching 8/10
I usually don't like these computer screen movies but this one is just brilliant

The Expendables 2 5/10
Same as expendables but the action dose gets higher

The Predator 6/10
I don't know about others but i found it to be above average

Rajma Chawal 4/10
The basic plot about father-son relationship was good but they just went the routine way this could have been a good movie

The Expendables 3 3/10
Pg 13 seriously the worst of them all

Venom 6/10
Liked it not exactly what i wanted but not as bad as reviews were suggesting

Selection Day S1 3/10
The search for a good movie or series involving cricket continues

Movie of the week- Saving Private Ryan and Searching

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Aquaman: 7/10
Batman vs superman: 7/10

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Uri - 8/10
Badhaai Ho - 6/10
Muqaddar Ka Sikandar - 8/10
KGF - 7/10

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Best fcuking transformers ever, and for once, you can actually tell what's happening on screen.

John Wick 1 & 2 - Don't know why i didn't watched them till now? So good, excited for chapter 3

Transformers: The Last Knight - What? How? And most importantly, Why? Thankfully it's the end of Bayformers, it's time for Knightformers.

Mad Max Fury Road - One of the best action movies of the decade, maybe even the best.

BvS Dawn Of Justice - Hahahahaha i mean hahahahaha, just can't lol

Captain America The First Avenger - No Tony, you're wrong, everything special about Steve Rodgers did not came out of a bottle.

Movie of the we..... So many days -

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