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Convince me that Sunny is a star this century
Confront with facts

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Its Not Biggest Hit Of Hindi Film Industry
Because Its A Dubbed Film From Telugu Film Industry!

Biggest Hit Of Bollywood Is Dangal

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
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Dekho Mere Bhai....


Do u think It will be easy to convince you when u think Rajpaal Yadav is the biggest star after Sunny/SRK???

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)
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Bahubali is not the Biggest Hit as Bahubali 2 is bigger and Avatar is bigger than Bahubali 2.
As for Bollywood, it's Dangal followed by Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

by Producer (114k points)
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Biggest hit of the decade - (Footfalls In Bracket)

60's - Mughal E Azam (10 cr)
70's - Sholay (12 cr)
80's - Kranti/Maine Pyar Kiya (4.5 cr)
90's - Hum Aapke Hain Koun...! (7.8 cr)
00's - Gadar Ek Prem Katha (5 cr)
10's - Dangal (3.8 cr)

  • Bahubali 2 Not a Regular Hindi Movie So Not Included.
by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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I’d rather take a dump.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

And I did.

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Who cares about some fanboys lol.. BOI has included Baahubali in its database and yes its the biggest hit of the decade.

by Location Manager (5.8k points)
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I also think that Bahubali and Bahubali 2 Hindi dubbed is Bollywood movie like others but it's not a Hindi movie. It's also not the biggest global hit, but 2nd this decade after Dangal; 1st in Bollywood, not 1st for a core Hindi movie.

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)
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Convince us that Funny paazi is bigger star than Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan, this century..... Confront with facts.

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)

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