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Which movie will open more considering both releases on Nonholiday.
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I'm a big fan of Comedy films. Both of them are looking equally promising to me. However, HF4 will have better opening.

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Dhamaal >> Any housefull movie ever.

Double Dhamaal was really bad, but that was because they couldn't match Dhamaal, so they have smartly did 2 things.

1.) Got bigger names while keeping most of original cast, and mixing it up
2.) They are shaking up the genre by adding adventure factor.

Besides Dhamaal still has value due to fist one.

Housefull is changing genre too, but other then that, not much to be excited off, first one was entertaining but not tgat much to hold that value, in short Housefull is stagnant whereas Dhamaal is looking fresh due to shakeup.

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Isn't Housefull 4 releasing on diwali??
Anyways housefull will open bigger on non holiday bcoz it is a bigger brand than dhamaal
At the moment total dhamaal looks promising but have to see what housefull 4 offers

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I meant 1st day Nonholiday


Okay as i said housefull at the moment is bigger franchise but if total dhamaal does well then we can have another comwdy franchise after golmaal and housefull


Biggest one is golmaal>> housefull>> dhamaal


I have a feeling that Total dhamaal will turn out to be better than Housefull4.
Trailer will give better idea.

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Only Loved Housefull 2 Among Housefull Series,
Dhamaal 1 Was Good

At Present Nothing Related To Housefull 4 Is Out
And Dhamaal 3 Looks Promising So I Will Choose Dhamaal 3!

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Trailer will give the actual idea.


Hmm yes

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Can't say as of now because we haven't seen a single thing from Housefull 4.

Even Total Dhamaal was invisible until a few days ago but now that they've kicked off the marketing it's looking promising.

However, I would bet on Total Dhamaal as the new director of Housefull 4 sucks.

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Yes farhad is a crap director, even Sajid has lost his touch after hf2.
Will be happy to get surprised though Bollywood needs a good comedy movie.


Yes we need good comedy movies like we used to get regularly last decade.

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In terms Of content TD is better bet.. Sajid Farhad ****.
HF4 will open much better than TD though.

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Well, there's a lot of negativity too around hf4 especially after me too revelations.

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Dhamaal all the way. HF wont be even good.

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TD. Houseful is the worst franchisee ever. Frankly I enjoyed the first part but since then it's gone on to be worse. I expect TD to open better

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I agree, first part was entertaining, went in drain from 2nd part onwards.


Yes will choose TD any day over H4, can't handle overacting of boman, chunky
Quality of comedy is drowning with each houseful movie at least a adventurous comedy looks interesting

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Dhamaal Series -

Dhamaal - 4.5/5
Total Dhamaal - 1/5

Housefull Series -

Housefull - 2.5/5
Housefull 2 - 4/5
Housefull 3 - 1/5

After Trailer I Predict Total Dhamaal.

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I have seen both. I hated HF2 but HF3 was good..


You are exception man. Great :D


Did you see the original Dhamaal. It's a mad mad world.


That why i given 4.5 star for that movie.

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