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secret superstar & tubelight should be compared with zero that will be give a correct  analysis
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Why do you think i care about that?


But u can reason with moron who say fan as niche movie..:D


Tubelight weekend>>>JHMS lifetime.

Tubelight 5 days>>>Zero lifetime.

Still some loggerheaded jerks have audacity to bring Tubelight in everything (rofl)


Why do you even compare anything in the first place?better to analyze sunny deol collections in the first place.

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Compare Race3 and Thugs with Zero all are rejected movies so fall in similar zone. All same year rejected but srk failed to cross 100cr much like sunny paaji failing to cross 10cr.
Dilwale wasn't rejected, it garnered mixed response, it trended much like prdp.
So dilwale and prdp should be compared, while dilwale faced clash, prdp was outdated for youth.
Tubelight was one of its kind, no superstar has gone that much niche maybe my name is khan but that movie was fairly well accepted which wasn't the case with Tubelight.

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Rohit shetty with Ranveer : blockbuster

Rohit shetty with Ajay : blockbuster

Rohit shetty with Srk : semi hit.
Sab aukaat aukaat ki baat hai(rofl)(rofl)

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Rohit Shetty with SRK - ALL TIME GROSSER.


Nope...Rohit himself has confirmed that he's given the ATG with Deepika not with srk(dance)


Whatever helps you sleep at night buddy, but truth is known to everyone.


Off course......

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How Can Secret Superstar Having Aamir Khan In Guest Role Be Compared With Tubelight And Zero Having Salman And Shahrukh In Lead Role?

We All Know You Are Dumb, You Need Not Prove It Everytime!

Talaash Vs Zero

2012 Vs 2018
Worst Genre Vs Universal Genre
Pre GST Vs Post GST
Low TP And Screens Vs One Of The Highest TP And Screens
Non Holiday Vs Biggest Festival Christmas
3rd Class Director Vs Top Class Director
1 Cr Footfall Vs 60 Lacs Footfalls

91 Crs Semi Hit Vs 89 crs Flop

Thugs And Race 3 Were Completely Rejected Still Did Around 140 And 170 Crs, Had Dilwale And Raees Been Completly Rejected It Would Have Not Crossed 100 Crs And 1 Cr Footfalls Like All Srk Films After 2014.

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Yeh Pagal Ho Chuka Hai Abhi Thodi Dair Rest Lega Uske Baad Phir 1 Line Wali Post Banayega (rofl)

Successful Films Of Srk Having Footfalls Similar To 3 Flops Of Aamir In This Century

Srkians hamesha mixed response Dilwale, HNY ke sath Race3, thugs ko daal dete hain while the later 2 were completely rejected.


Yes bro

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Dilwale adjusted gross 400 cr lol. Dilwale adjusted gross only 225 cr not more than that.

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And ur only appropriate to compare with agra mental patients..:D

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