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Uri - The Surgical Strike has emerged a BLOCKBUSTER with insane collections on its second Friday with around 8 crore nett. It could even be the second Friday is bigger than the first Friday which has probably never happened to a film which opened at the levels of Uri - The Surgical Strike.

The film will probably clear the 100 crore nett mark in its second weekend and possibly towards 175 crore nett or even more. The film is certain to cross 150 crore nett. The film saw a minimal drop in the mornings shows on the second Friday as collections in some places are actually higher than the first day.

The patriotism and dialogues in the film have struck a chord and barring South India this film is doing huge numbers. The collections in Delhi NCR and East Punjab are more than some of the big 200 and 300 crore nett films on the second Friday.

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wow perfectly timed for Vicky Kaushal. just after featuring in 2 big hits last year he immediately got his own solo blockbuster.

now I think he should back out of Takht because that is a supporting role. though I don't think he will as it'll piss KJo off.

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Why Shall He Back Off, Another Hit Is There For Him Also He Will Give Great Performance And Will Get More Appreciation, And Ofcourse You Just Cant Make Dharma And YRF Unhappy Specially Dharma!


Lol . Success of URI doesn't make Vicky a Star and Also Vicky Role in Takht is not supporting. He is Playing Aurangzeb which is negative role and Also Aurangzeb in that story has a very important role .As far as I know it's 2nd Lead like Shahid was in Padmavat


Aurangzeb is a strong role, it's the negative one.
Kjo is directing it so obviously it will one of the biggest movie.
You can't afford to miss such projects

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Wow ! What a Blockbuster Trend...

Great Start for Bollywood...

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That's good. Can expect a small multiplex film to do so as they get to retain the number of show but film like Uri will lose some shows as Why Cheat India released but that's really good.
We shall see more such trends and soon Saturday may replace Sunday as best day, initially for Hollywood and then Multiplex films.

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175cr, wow that is seriously insane.

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175cr for a movie like uri.. such movies does hardly 70cr with extraordinary wom.. hw this 175cr happend.. whats so good n commercial abt film.. i have not seen it.. can anybody say whts the reason behind such huge figure..

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desh bhakti


Desh bhakt actor akshay tried desh bhakti film in many ways but never scored over 100cr ..


Patriotism in this movie is connecting with General public.

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Blockbuster count this decade.....
Shahrukh Khan - 1
Akshay Kumar - 1
Kal ka chora Vicky Kaushal - 1

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Blockbuster count last decade:

Salman Khan - 0

Sanjay Dutt - 1

Shahid Kapoor - 1

Dino Morea - 1



HGOTY count this decade.......

Uday Chopra - 1

Abhishek Bachchan - 1

Sushant Singh Rajput - 1

Shahrukh Khan - 0



Jaan bujh ke supporting actors likh raha hai kyunke pata hai Sallu ki bhi last decade ki HGOTY extended cameo role main hai.

Matlab you're comparing him to SSR, Uday Chopra, and Abhishek Bachchan (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)


Still director has given credit to Salman for that film's success... While director snatched away credit from Srk for his only blockbuster this decade (rofl)(rofl)

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175cr man that is insane what a start to 2019

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Uri performed better than first friday today that's means wom is on another level man. So i will go tomorrow to see it.

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War films has good potential. If the executionis good then patriotism works.

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