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Source Link: https://www.latestly.com/social-viral/poonam-pandeys-sex-tape-leaked-on-instagram-was-her-account-hacked-watch-video-595983.html
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Actress Poonam Pandey sure knows how to make it to the news time and again. After promising pictures for the entire Indian Cricket Team if they won the 2011 World Cup (something that she did not end up doing), the lady re-defined her definition of 'bold', when she uploaded a video of her having sex with her boyfriend who goes by the name Sam. However, the lady herself deleted the video later on, but not before it made it to the headlines and a few social media pages got hold of it. Poonam Pandey Posts Video With ‘Happy 2019’ Caption, Is This Sexy Model's New Year Gift for Fans?


Bhai ye video kaha milega


Well cannot share it here. You can check on Instagram.

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This is the only way for her to get attention so she does it. And people fo pay attention to it so she can't be blamed.

US actress Maitland Ward also followed this trajectory and eventually became a full-on pornstar.

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This is beyond the level i mean doing something like this just to stay in limelight

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Paapi pet Ka sawaal hai is so old school.

Paapi likes, views, followers Ka sawaal hai.

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Jab woh masoom thay tabhi bhi bohot rangeen thay ..aisi masoomiyat khuda Sab heroines Ko de.

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I Have More Respect For Sunny Leone Than Her

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Kudos to her PR team.

They're doing the best.

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Masoon girl doesn't show such big cleavage in such dress ..:D

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