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Younger than so called the youngistan

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Hahaha So Called Young Stars Ranbir, Ranveer Are Around 40 And 35 Years Old Respectively (poolparty) (dance) :x (giggle)

I Think By The Time Khandom Ends They Would Be 45-50 Years Old Young Stars (clap) (devil) (rofl)


36 and 33


As Per Wikipedia Ranbir Is 1982 Born And Ranveer 1985 Born!

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Still apt for 3idiots sequel
Nothing has changed

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Hahaha Hope Raju Hirani Gets Clean Chit So That Sequel Can Be Made

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Getting younger with each decade.

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Can give a tough competition to the younger stars in their own game ....

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Looks much older in the second one, especially around the eyes.

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