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Aamir Khan In 2001 Gave 2 Back To Back Classic Films Which Were Commercial Success As Well Specially Lagaan Which Is One Of The Most Critically Accalimed Films Of All Time And Was A Clean Hit. He Gathered Massive Goodwill But Then He Suddenly Stopped Doing Films And Returned In 2005 With A Poor Film Like Mangal Pandey Which Had Record Opening But Eventually Was Flop, Thankfully He Made A Strong Comeback With Fanaa And Rang De Basanti Next Year And Was Called Biggest Star By BOI, He Later Gave 3 More Big Hits Including 2 Industry Hits And Was Declared Biggest Star By BOI Once Again And Was Said To Be Enjoying Best Run Ever Seen But Then Again He Stopped Doing Films And Returned With Worst Genre Film Talaash (Good Opening) Which Is Only Aamir Film To Have Less Than Bumper/Excellent Opening In Lead Role Since 2005, Thankfully It Became Semi Hit And Then He Gave 3 Back To Back Atbb And Atg.

Now In 2018 He Gave Flop After 13 Years Which Ended His Golden Run At Box Office And His Next Movie Is Still Not Announced This Is The Condition When He Is Almost 54 Years Old Now And At Max Has 5-6 More Years Of Superstardom.

Earlier He Used To Do 1 Film In A Year Now He Is Doing 1 Film In 2 Years And Most Of The Time He Is Busy With Social Work!

Vinod Khanna Was At His Peak He Became A Top League Big Star With Back To Back Big Hits And Mega Blockbusters Along With Many Success Like Amar Akbar Anthony, Parvarish, Khoon Pasina, Inkaar, Muqaddar Ka Sikander, Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki, Daku Aur Jawan But He Shocked The Industry And Took Retirement, He Returned After 8 Years With Successful Film Insaaf And Gave Some More Blockbusters, Hits And Success But Then The Craze For His Movies Was Almost Over By That Time.

Hrithik Roshan Is Biggest Star And Most Successful Actor Among All Those Who Made Debut In This Century, He Has 5 Blockbusters, 3 Hgoty, 2 Movies With 3 Cr Footfalls, 1 All Time Nett Grosser And Many Record&Bumper Openers, He Achieved All These Within Just 14 Years Of His Career, He Is Only Young Actor To Have Pan India Popularity And Was 2nd Biggest Star Of 2000 Decade Having Seen His Peak In 2006, Though He Wasted That With Films Like Kites And Guzaarish But He Made Strong Comeback With Krissh 3 And Agneepath. Though Since Then Things Are Not Going Well For Him He Is Taking Too Much Time To Complete His Films, His Volume Of Movies Have Gone Down And Even Script Sense Hasnt Been Good. He Needs To Make A Strong Comeback And Do Atleast 1 Commercial Film Per Year To Stay In The Race As Competition Has Increased Due To 4 New Young Stars Emergence!

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Damn votes can't be changed. Voted for Hrithik by mistake.

Honestly it is Vinod Khanna. He truly messed up at the peak of his career, running after Osho. No actor would ever do such dumb thing. No actor would ever waste his stardom like Vinod Khanna did.


@Suhas i wanted to vote for Hrithik but after seeing ur comment i voted for Vinod Khanna on behalf of you ...


Hmm I Agree Its Vinod Khanna Going By The Facts, But Fan Inside Me Voted For Aamir


Vinod khanna >> Hrithik > Aamir

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Aamir Khan, he's not lazy like HR but takes too much time for perfection. No distributor/exhibitor will be happy with only 4 commercial movie by a Top superstar in a entire decade (D3, Pk, Dangal, Toh).
Less volume is what haunting him.
2nd is HR

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Aamir didn't waste his stardom. He does less movies yeah but the amount of time he takes with each of them is integral to his stardom. The audience has this trust on him which leads to big numbers, but the craze for him isn't there. He thrives on this trust, so according to me he's done the best he could have and for example a movie like Dangal wouldn't have been so good without the time put into it.

HR has had many opportunities but he wasted them, but I honestly think that the yardstick he keeps for himself isn't record openings or blockbusters. For better or worse he tries to be appreciated as an actor by those critics and usually succeeds, he's obsessed with changing himself completely for the screen because he wants to be known as a master of his craft and not just as a good looking man. Yes he had wasted his stardom more than the the other 2 in this list.

The one who has wasted most is SRK. It is kind of unfortunate for him that his peak came at a time when the big time audience just wasn't there. From 2002-2005 especially there was very little audience going to cinemas overall. Just after RNBDJ where he could have made a few better choices and gone to the next level, he screwed it up and look where we are today. The magnitude of his stardom is such that a rejected movie like Ra.One broke highest single day record and was the third highest grosser of the year. A boring slow-paced movie like Don 2 took highest non-holiday opening. A ludicrous story like JTHJ beat a very entertaining movie like SOS during a festival where audience looks for entertainment specifically. A movie like CE with just about good WOM became ATG, Raees and Dilwale took 20cr openings on non-holiday with clashes.

It doesn't take long for audience to lose trust in a star, but public loved SRK so much that they stuck with him for 7 years of mediocrity until he just started giving outright craps (JHMS, Zero). An entire generation grew up seeing mostly SRK at the top but the disappointed them so much that they had to move on. He could have been ruling Bollywood even today, but his choices and lack of script sense cost him. Rejecting movies like 3 Idiots and Robot will be known as his biggest mistakes in the future.

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anyone who comes here and tries to fight me on this first go and check: SRK has more bumper openers than anyone from his generation and all his movies this decade, even maha craps like JHMS did $10m overseas.

that shows the trust he had once upon a time.

giving bumper and record opening on Diwali Day is not a joke.


Hmm Srk Was Biggest Star If We See Combined Decades Of 1990s And 2000s, Only Thing That's Less Is Major Records, He Has That But Quantity Is Low

Btw Aamir Making 1 Film In 1 Year Or Even 2 Years Is Not An Issue Thats His Working Style, Problem Was With 3-4 Years Gap That Too When He Is At Peak As Mentioned Above!


yeah I guess after Lagaan he did waste time. Of course he personally needed a break after his divorce but the opening of Mangal Pandey showed the trust he had. coming back after 4 years retirement is no joke.

but after 3 Idiots I would say he didn't really waste too much time. yeah he didn't have a movie in 2010 but then had movies in 2011 (art film), 2012, 2013 and 2014, so not that much different from his typical work pace.


Hmm Yes Somewhat You Are Right Infact Except For 2002-2004 And 2010-2011 He Hasnt Wasted Much Time In Entire Career (Discounting Art Film Dhobi Ghat) Hope In Next 2 Decades Also He Does Atleast 7 Films Each!

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Even though I was here to vote for srk...come to think of it Shahrukh is the richest actor in the world. He used his stardom to turn into a brand name that would last longer than his stardom


Do he have stardom thats the question mark

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With the amount of talent involved, HR is the winner hands down. He's wasted down the best years of his career.

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Come on Intense, have faith, it just needs 1 good movie to bounce back for a superstar.
He has age on his side, if he becomes serious about his career then nothing can stop him.
Kaabil is still a accepted movie only mjd failed.


Hrithik is 45 now, so still there's a big chance for him to recover.

from the younger generation no on can do action better than him (Tiger might be able to match up), so if he just sticks to action.

if HRvT is a big hit followed by Krrish 4 and that movie with Shankar, then it would be really great.

side note but Salman was nearly the same age when Dabangg came so fingers crossed.


Roman and mr hola, being realistic. Salman knew how to change his time, HR needs a lot more effort in that department. A guy who takes 2.5 years to shoot a small budget movie, says it all.

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Vinod khanna >> Hrithik > Aamir

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srk he could have been bigger than amitabh bacchan

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He Is Still At 5th Rank And Will Remain There Till The Time Aamir Gets 6 More Hits Including 1 Blockbuster!


haha now i dont want aamir to get 6 more hits but he will surely get them


Hahha, 25 Hits And 10 Blockbusters Is A Must To Be Among All Time Greats, Till Now Only Amitabh Dilip Dharam Salman Srk And Rajesh Have It, But Aamir Is Ahead Of Srk And Rajesh In Terms Of Major Records, He Is Even Ahead Of Dharam For That Matter But Dharam Has Huge No. Of Hits And Success (60 And 100 Respectively) So He Is Out Of Reach Unlike Rajesh And Srk!


On A Side Note Srk Is Already Among All Time Great Megastars So You Have No Reason To Bother Even If He Retires Now Still His Position Wont Be Effected!

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