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Since bhaiyya superhit has released on record screens in China and it is doing astounding business, hence thugs got overshadowed.

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Because Dangal and Secret Superstar have collected 2000 crores ,ie. enough for a career

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Because the moderators have Khan fans and they want glory only, not failure exposed through the forum.

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Because success has many fathers, failure has none.

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Where is that cry baby Deepak who was the one i think saying that BOI didn't report much about Salman's Sultan cz it was not having good collections in China......even if he didn't say this specific thing, then all the other crying thingies many Aamir fans did.....i suggest Aamir fans (jitnay bhi hain bees pachees) to plan a trip to BOI office, go there n apologize to them n promise that u will never be a cry baby again(smoking)

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Cry baby se yadh aya where is badshah.. oh its a badshah itself answering thoko likes for cry baby badshah for his superb unique cry baby answer..:D

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meri marzi
main chahe ye karu main chahe woh karu
main chahe yaha jaau main chahe waha jaau
gore ko main kahu kala jeeja ko main bolu saala
nadi ko main bolu naala chaabi bina kholu taala
mere baare mein kuch kehna nahi
chupchaap baithe raho bolna nahi
mujhe samajhana mat jhooth sahi
chahe pee jaau main chaay kaafi daal ke dahi
meri marzi ...

This special for tauji

Tanhayee tadpati hai,
yaad tumhari aati hai
thandi thandi purvai
ched ke mujhko jaati hai
Teri tareef likh jo sake
nahi bana koi aisa pen
Spiderman Spiderman
tune churaya mere dil ka chain

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