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Megastar Salman Khan & Disha Patani for Kick 2?

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Source Link: Mumbai mirror
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Which means kick 2 could be ready for EID 2020. Nice. SK should try to do as many movies as possible in this phase.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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I want to see kick 2 for sure but not very sure that i would want disha opposite salman

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Wah Disha Patani Ke Maze Hain

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

Baat to ulti hai mere bhai.


Maze toh dono ke hain bhai bollywood mei give and take hota hai

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I would love to see Jacqueline again in Kick-2 ..
as all the new actresses look too young ....

by Producer (118k points)

Would love to see both of them together

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Well that's good but i dnt want chiller sasta action of kick.. i want much bigger in this..

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)
–2 votes

Salman would look too old with Disha.

by Editor (81.9k points)

Well it could be the other way ..
Disha would look too young with Salman as you can't replace Salman from kick but Disha can ..


Yeah that's what I meant that they wouldn't look good together. Anyway Jacqueline looks nice with him and she should be brought back.

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