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Every srk fan in this forum blabbers that srk is the most consistent khan but if he is that consistent then so is Salman khan here I am gonna put some facts to prove it :-


Salman 10, srk 5


Salman 29, srk 27

Blockbusters :

Salman 15, srk 10

Opening records :

Salman 6, srk 6

Bumper openers :

Salman 12-14, srk 12-14

Excellent openers :

Salman 16-18,vsrk 15-17

Record weekends:-

Salman 9, srk 8

Successful movies:

Salman 38-39, srk 39

Years without Hit movies:

Salman: 93,93,2001,2002,2006,2008,2018


Salman khan in last decade:

Dhlj,baghban,msk,no entry, partner and wanted as HITS

Cccc,hdjpk,hths,mpkk as successes

Srk in current decade :

Mnik,ra1,don2,jthj,CE,hny as HITS

Dilwale,raees,dz as successes

Openings in last decade:


Bumper -3

Excellent: 4-6

Openings in current decade:




Now plz share your views honestly
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Are Bhai Sharminda Mat Karo (clap)


Count totals and ratio too. Consistency means everything.


Boi always says less movies means big ratio and that does not mean that star is bigger. According to your logic varun dhawan is biggest star because 11 movies doing till now with a flop. But Boi not consider varun dhawan as a superstar till now so better check the fact.


Ajay bro, comparing Salman Khan's consistency with SRK doesn't bring Varun Dhawan in the scene anywhere, if Salman was consistent before 2009, then you need to check you mental situation.

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Salman is a Megastar
SRK is a superstar

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Salman -
1st hit-1989
Last hit-2017

1 st hit- 1992
Last hit- 2014.

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He is most consistent in giving Underperformers !!!

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Sorry but being salman and srk fan I think u were in hibernation mode since last 3 decades . Till DDlJ srk was just like any ordinary star but after the success of KKHH and 2000-09 his dominance was on another level . I know he didnt had Biggest hits like salman and aamir have in this decade but his popularity in domestic and overseas market was 100 times bigger than combined salman and aamir . And only due to that dominance he survived this decade otherwise he would have finished very early .

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That's the fact. People in abroad Considers India=SRK. Because DDLJ, Devdas etc. Aamir & Salman's prime time bagan after 2009.

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One was consistent only from 2010 and was a supporting actor in 90s.(don't want to talk about his mega stardom in 2000s)....another one ruled from 1992-2007....became inconsistent only from 2014.

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1992? With supporting role in Deewana? LMAO!

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Salman having more HGOTYs and Hits has nothing to do with consistency. Those are concentrated in 1990's and mostly 2010's, what about 2000's?

SRK meanwhile has never had an extended phase where he gave bad openings whereas Salman had multiple bad opening and disasters in 2000's. Even in SRK's worst phase he's giving good opening while just look at Salman's opening last decade.

I can also make a post saying "Salman is a megastar is just a myth" and list the crazy amount of disasters and flops he had in last decade, but that would only be presenting a small part of the equation suited to me, it wouldn't show the reality. Which is what this post of yours is trying to do.

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Srk giving many poor openers in his best phase 2000-2009

  1. Hey Ram
  2. One 2 Ka 4
  3. Asoka
  4. Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke
  5. swades
  6. Paheli
  7. Billu

Salman not giving A single Average or below opener in his best phase 2010 - 2019


Hahaha sahi Mara hai Mr bola ko


srk not giving poor openers in worst phase whereas salman gave many statistics are funny we can twist them whichever we want to get our point across


Did you guys even read my answer? I am not trying to prove anyone to be lesser. Ajay just gave a generic comment and Tanveer, what did I say that you have commented "sahi mara hai?"

I have said multiple times before that Salmans best phase is better, and his worst phase is worse, so all your comment is doing is proving me right.


If srk does 2-3 movies a year like salman used to do in last decade then result would single digit opening


Continue to live in your world of ifs and buts.

I can also use ifs and buts and give SRK more record openings and HGOTYs, but that won't make it true.


Since 2000 -

  1. All Time Blockbuster -
    Shahrukh - 0
    Salman - 1

  2. Blockbuster And Above -
    Shahrukh - 5
    Salman - 9

  3. Super Hit And Above -
    Shahrukh - 8
    Salman - 11

  4. Hit and above -
    Shahrukh - 17
    Salman - 16

Next year salman is ahead than srk its hits also.

  1. Hgoty -

Shahrukh - 3
Salman - 6

  1. 3 cr+ Footfalls film -

Shahrukh - 1
Salman - 3

  1. 2cr+ Footfalls Film -

Shahrukh - 4
Salman - 9


You have said spot on but do add one thing
Post 2000
SRK gave 11 unsuccessful films...
Salman gave 20 unsuccessful films
Agree with Salman's stupnedus record in this decade.. But he gave too many flops as well post 2000


Why add? Amitabh, dharmendra has more unsuccessfull film than salman that means amitabh is less than salman. What r u saying man. Actor always known his hit or success not failures.


One thing i want to add here is that ..
Srk's bad phase has began when he was already on top means he was in the industry since 2 decades where as Salman's bad phase has neither of these 2 things ....
So Srk obviously had upper hand ..
Lastly majority of his unsuccessful movies were from low production houses as well as he did them just for the sake of friendship ...


Being Tanveer 3 movies in span of 1 n half months..

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