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Check out Rajesh Khanna career analysis from Aakhri Khat [1966] to Aakraman [1975 - Special Appearance].

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Rajesh Khanna Career Analysis between 1966 & 1975.

Total Films including special appearances = 45

Silver Jubilee = 16 Films

Golden Jubilee = 2 Films

Diamond Jubilee = 1 Film

Source Link: Star & Style Magazine, 15th August 1975 edition
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Kaka Ruled Industry From 1969-1974 As Per BOI The Kind Of Stardom Rajesh Khanna Saw At His Peak Is Unparalleled. He Is Rightfully Called A Megastar And His Run From 1969-1971 Having Back To Back 15 Hits Including 9 Blockbusters Best Run. His Multiple Films Used To Do Silver/Golden Jubliee At The Same Time What A Dominance!

He Is Among 6 Actors To Simultaneously Have 25 Hits And 10 Blockbusters

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Yeah. Have heard it from many people, multiple movies of his used to run at the same time and be silver jubilee. Which actor today can command this? None.


Upar Aaka Neeche Kaka

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Wow. Brief it was, but this stretch of stardom was way more than what Khans or big B also saw.

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His facial expressions in songs is unmatched still today.It was one of his USP.

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