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weekend of rh was not in top 10 and hahk not in top 50 hahk collections in 11 weeks were just 12 crores
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Dear tauji, nobody can deliver an ATBB without excellent WOM...bachcha-bachcha knows it.

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Yeah. Only sunny deol had stardom in the 90s. None else. Happy?

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Sanju and padmavaat,Simbaa are not blockbusters bcoz of ranbir and ranveer these films made them star
Ohh wait they are still not stars LOL

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All 11 films of akshay in 1994 opened better than Hahk (rofl)

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They released it how all chota stars film r released.


B2B flops before Hahk and clash with vijaypath.. Don't think they had much of a choice but to give it a limited release... (giggle)


R u blind or what? If u r not blind then read the BOI's article to know the actual reason...

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