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Yes Currently Srk Finished and when new update coming srk out of the race of Boi list also.

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srk is still no.1 in rankings he was way ahead of supporting actor till first half of this decade worldwide idiot fan


Pahle jakar bolne ki tamej sikh lo tauji apne tauji se phir aana yaha.


Tom Cruise, can't you read the 20 years mentioned in the top star chart. The ranking is there unchanged since 2014.Bajrangi, Prdp,Tzh have come and on the other HAHK has been added without changing rating points.

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I am King. I am King bol bol ke aaj Akki se bhi neeche aa gaya hai King :D

Kuch din baad log filmein offer karna band kar denge toh Red Chillies ko dubo dega yeh Farzi King :D

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Baahubali ka record tod diye tubelight ne kya


Nhinwoh toh mohalla assi aur bhaiyaji superhit ne tode hai


Bas aise hi chup hoga ye .(rofl)(rofl)

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