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Race 3 is more entertaining than almost all movies of Sherbet man.

Because while Race 3 is an absolute piece of hot garbage.....The Sherbet is much more rotten than that.

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Well Sanju has slapped you so hard that you don't know what you are saying


Good to see you celebrating glorification of someone who..... I don't need to tell you what he did.

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Kya ek ek sentence wale post banata hai.. post me bhi kuch likh diya kar.. sanju yeh sanju woh...
Khans yeh khans woh.. sathiya gaya hai

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Tauji how many times your favourite star crossed race3 collection?(giggle)

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)
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Yeah just like sunny pajji is doing with yamla pagla deewana or ghayal or poster boys

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