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They should change the byline to Apna hi time chal raha hai. Applies to both Ranveer & Alia.



I found it boring. Not my cup of tea.

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Apna Time Ayega
Tu Nanga Hi tho aya hai
Kya Ghanta Lekar jayega....

Holy crap. Mind blowing. Another winner on cards for Ranveer. Sure shot Hit!!!!!

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Unique but I found it boring. Not my cup of tea.

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Looks like a well made film with a usual trajectory . I could see where the film will start and where it will end.

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This seems to be an inspiring tale..it can eye a 100 crore grosser easily

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After Commercial Simmba Ranveer Singh Coming With An Limited Audience Film. I Don't Think This Movie Is Hit At The Box Office Yes Successful Venture For Sure.

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Good. Not great. I've liked zoya's work. The movie is targeting a very limited audience just like all her ventures till now. Rating: 3/5.

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This one is too limited. Rap is not everyone's cup of tea.

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Good trailer. I expected a bit more though!

Ranveer will again win accolades for this. Hate to say this but he’s the next superstar after Khans retire

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Good Trailer. Ranveer is just fantastic in the Trailer. Movie looks too niche with its presentation of the story. !!

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Not interested for this one

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Its unique but somehow resembles with 8 miles. Its a film on Divine and Naezy. Good luck to Ranveer. But I think it has less potential in Box Office.

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Limited appealing....
Copy of 8 miles....

150 cr will be done..if multiplex audience liked

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