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Simmba Continues To Sustain Strongly BOI

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Simmba had another solid hold on the last day of the week as the film collected 11.50 crore nett which took the film to a huge 150 crore nett plus total. It is the second highest first week after Sanju which grossed a huge 200 crore nett in week one. .

The film has done excellent business all over barring Tamil Nadu / Kerala which hardly matters. Bihar is a little low for this type of film but sill it has good collections in the circuit. The crucial areas were North India in the long run and those have sustained well from a pretty good start. Both Delhi / UP and East Punjab were doing as well as Mumbai post the holiday period. Maharashtra is extraordinary as Mumbai circuit has collected 55 crore nett apprx.

The key will be the Thursday - Friday drop and if it can hold really well then this film can even go to 250 crore nett plus.

  1. If Today Collection Comes 8 Cr Range Than Lifetime More Than 230 cr.
  2. If Today Collection Comes 7 Cr Range Than Lifetime Around 225 cr Nett.
  3. If Today Collection Comes 6 Cr Range Than 200 cr+ Lifetime Fig.
  4. If Today Collection Comes 5 Cr Range Than lifetime Below 200 cr.

But My Choice First Option I Think Wom Is Good So Today 8 Cr Nett Range .

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Bollywood's top2 directors
Hirani pull off a blockbuster with a good movie
Rohit does that with a bad movie
Let's see where it stops barring Dilwale Rohit has succeeded all the time to deliver big

by Executive Producer (66.4k points)
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Massive. RS has massive pull and this will be his biggest success ever.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Salman has found a competitor in Rohit Shetty for 100 cr grossers

by Producer (113k points)
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All in all, the year has been big for young stars but still, none of them could beat Avengers Infinity War, which was ATBB, whereas these Sanju, Padmavat & Simmba will be Blockbusters.

Score 1 for Hollywood
Score 0 for Bollywood

Bring it on, the Biggest hit of 2019 - Avengers End Game.

by All Time best! (268k points)

Only Bharat will challenge end game or else hollywood will have the highest grossing movie in 2019

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This mediocre film doing 250cr.
Dont understand how films work in bwood.. Race3,TOH,zero,these big movies were trashed, but this typical 90's style movie is making so much money..
Rohit shetty could not even remake properly..
I think these kind of movies get negativity only if they are clashed with a good movie..

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)

2 simple things.

1.) Conspiracy to bring Khans down.

2.) Bollywood Audience are bumch of trash morons.


It was always coming. Rohit shetty is the most medicore director in town today and the most successful. Sad.

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