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Mornings shows (9:00am to 11.59 am) tickets price at INOX lake city mall, Udaipur.

Note - weekdays prices

#Earlier -

Executive & Club : ₹90 & ₹120

Royal : ₹180

#Now -

Executive & Club (for old Release) : ₹66 & ₹85

Executive & Club (for New Release) : ₹104  

Royal : ₹212

What about your favorite cinema?  Pls reply
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Coming to the question, ₹66 is the lowest & ₹212 is the highest in INOX? Damn!

Anyways here the rates have been lowered by whopping ₹20 so now it's ₹236 both club & execute. Recliner is ₹461 for new movie [Simmba], for older film it's ₹391 [Zero]. This is in INOX, Garuda Mall. In INOX, 1MG Lido Mall, the premiere seat is priced ₹236 & Gold seat is ₹415 for KGF.

But INOX, Garuda Swagath Mall.. Club & Executive seats are priced ₹212 for Simmba. ₹236 each for KGF. ₹242 each for Aquaman. In INOX, Mantri Mall club is ₹236 & Royal is ₹406. Only a couple of Kannada films have the prices ₹157 & ₹147 in INOX, Brookfield Mall & INOX, RMZ Mall.

In PVR, Forum Mall the normal classic Seats are priced ₹236, lounger ₹370 [KGF] & recliner seats ₹585 [KGF & Simmba]. In PVR, Vega City the recliner is ₹520 whereas in PVR, Orion Mall, the recliner is priced ₹555, in PVR, Vaishnavi Sapphire Mall recliner is ₹465. PVR, VR Mall & PVR, Phoenix market City Mall, recliner seats priced ₹530. The other seats are priced same.

SPI Cinemas, elite is ₹230 & Gold is ₹350. [Elite used to be ₹180 & Gold ₹350. Guess they're milking as much as they can for KGF.]

In Cinepolis venues, the price is between ₹200 to ₹250.

In Carnival Cinemas there seems to be no change. The prices are same as before. Silver & Executive ₹220 & normal ₹200.

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No change in carnival cinemas in my city
The single screen has reduced the rates by 10rs for noble circle and maintained the same old rate for balcony
So overall the GST change brings nothing new for movie lovers in my city

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