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The movie is based on the real life story of Underground rap artist Divine, and his struggle while rising to stardom in Mumbai! Share your views on the poster. 

Its set to release on 14th Feb 2019!

PS:  Posters have been online for a while now, didn't see a post about it so sharing it here now.

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It's one of my most awaited films of 2019.
Reasons -
I love Divine songs and his rap and would love to know his struggle
I have liked All Zoya Akhtar Films and find her a good competent director
Movie Stars Ranveer who imo would suit the role perfectly besides having Alia

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Divine & Naezy ftw!

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Its real posters or fan made posters.

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The first one was shared by Ranveer Singh on his Instagram.


Thanx bro.


No problem!

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Waiting eagerly! Great to see ranveer not sticking to just commercial films.

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This should be a good one... 1 more hit for ranveer.

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Yeah posters are decent. This is another niche flop coming up for ranveer singh. His "newly found stardom" will be exposed the way it was befikre. "Apna time aayega"....bas yahi reh jaayega :D

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@zin no offense at all. Just replying to someone jealous of ranveer and ranbir

@intense u said that stardom can be exposed if a niche film fails, so a relevant example had to be given


Thank you for admitting you're a ranveer fan. So in any post if I express an opinion you have to swoop down and prove me wrong with a relevant example? :D

I'm honoured to be getting so much attention dattani. Please continue. :D


My pleasure to give you the truth medicine. I will respond as and when needed.


And it won't affect me. Remember one man's truth is another man's lie. (wasntme)

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