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Simmba Set To Be Super Hit - Outstanding Hold On Monday - BOI

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Simmba is on course to emerge a SUPER HIT film as the film has an outstanding hold on Monday. the collections on Monday morning and afternoon were pretty similar to the first day collections with only Maharashtra being a bit less but that opened very strongly.



It is New Years Eve so collections could dip in the evening but with ticket prices being held at weekend rates it is possible that the collections on Monday will be in the 18-20 crore nett range. The dip if it comes in the evening will be in metros while in the B and C centres it should be as normal. The four day figures will be in the 94-95 crore nett range and there is a big holiday tomorrow (Tuesday).



The business on Wednesday should confirm its SUPER HIT status but it will have already collected around 115-120 crore nett by then and 100 crore share looks certain for the film unless it falls are huge post the  big holiday.
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Had to be. Best time of the year with all festivities around. It is a mass friendly movie with RS being a brand in himself.

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Chahe yeh ATG bhi ho jaye mai nahi dekhne wala....

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passed Zero lifetime in 4 days.

this must be a great feeling for the 3 men involved.

Rohit because he defeated the man who didn't let him make the movie he wanted.

KJo because he just won against someone who has had a shadow over him for at least 20 years.

Ranveer because he defeated the man who stole Zero from him.

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Wonderful. I hope it crosses 200 crore. Has any other actor given two 200 crore grossers in 1 year other than salman? I don't think so. Ranveer will be the 2nd.

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salman also hasn't given, so Ranveer will be the first but I don't think this movie will go that far.

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Want its lifetime to be less than 166cr bcoz i dnt want top 3 salman streak to break this year..

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The movie will fall once this holiday period is over.


It will beat bang bang lifetime in 1 week


So it will beat bang bang in a week. What will you get? Profit share?


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