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In all seriousness i don't mind him claiming anything he wants, i just mind him claiming this shit when he didn't even had a faking script ready when they started shooting..!!

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Do you have that piece of interview where it is mentioned that the script wasn’t ready when they started the shoot?


TB: according to Anand L Rai, he didn't say these lines.....if i m not wrong then he clarified abt this line in interview with Faridoon


Well i remember correctly that you were angry on him for saying this.

Well, here you go.


100% i was angry.........because i didn't think of this statement having a chance of being bad

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He did seem too confident in his interviews. Regardless of that he'll bounce back with TWM3. That movie, along with Manikarnika, will turn Kangana into the next female superstar.

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And he's ended up doing the exact opposite. He's torn apart SRK'S remaining trust amongst audiences so badly I doubt it can be changed again.

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it will be.....SRK is a genius.....n i m saying it today just because people r being too judgemental of SRK's recent failures.........let me see if SRK does that quickly, in 2yrs.....n now i expect (upto an extent 'know') that he will


Khans don't have that much time left everybody is ready to say that they are over


TZH, CE, Dhoom 3 will anyday work big with Khans....even Dilwale, HNY will work upto an extent.....Khans are there....very much there.....only Aamir Khan looks to have an issue right now by not announcing a film.....commercial zone film will be big with any Khan, bigger than what any younger guy can do with that same film....Starpower anay mein bhi time lgta hai aur janay mein bhi....let's see how wrong i m

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kisi ne srk ka aisa nahi kaata

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This Shahrukh can't even give a decent opening.. Why blame the director who has given hits with unknown actors.
On the other hand u went and trolled Aamir Khan for days after the debacle of TOH.
Please stop this hypocrisy.......

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Was waiting for someone to comeup with this statement now. Rofl (rofl)

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