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Just let the glass of sherbet get empty. He's just gonna get a new flavour, aise hi hain hamare Ranbir bhaiyaa ;) ;)

by All Time best! (269k points)
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He Is The Biggest Playboy Of This Generation, Waise Dikhta Hai Seedhe Saadhe Swamy Type Ka But.... You Know The Rest

He Dumped Sonam Kapoor
He Cheated On Deepika
He Left Katrina After Using Her That Too When She Put Her Career On Stake By Messing With Salman
Now He Will Also Dump Alia

On A Side Note He Used Mahira Khan For Few Nights Stand

Not Saying That These Girls Are Any Saints Or I Have Any Sympathy For Them Specially Katrina But Ya Generally Speaking Rishi Kapoor Ka Launda Bahut Bada Laundiyabaaz Hai


by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

amongst all the only sympathy i had towards is deepika as she was too much into him and trusted him and perhaps went into almost depression ,and sonam idc and well katrina idk what happened


Yes Deepika Truely Loved Him But She Herself Is A Playgirl So IDC


Playgirl , never heard that term (rofl)


Hahahah (rofl)

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So cute, Love this couple (inlove) (inlove) (inlove)

by Set Decorator (1.4k points)

ranbir fan is a strict minority here though i also like him (highfive)

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Wait for xmas 2019, wait for 2020 to start. He will be giving interviews on his mistakes in love and alia bhatt would find an honourable mention on that list.

by Mega Star (226k points)

i still cant believe how could someone dump katrina


vice versa I believe. She must have dumped him. No sane guy can have a heart to dump a cutie like kat...............(h)


have you seen her interviews she constantly she says how she put her career on pedestal for her personal life in last few years even deepika was very serious about him but hamare kapoor khandaan ke chiraag ke to jalwe hi alag hai (makeup) (emo)

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