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2016 - Fan - 84 cr

2016 - Dear Zindagi - 66 cr

2017 - Raees - 128 cr

2017 - Jhms - 62 cr

2018 - Zero - 98 cr (Expected)

2019 - No Release Expected

Note - Some Superstar Not Cross 100 cr mark easily and BOI says 100 cr is not a big deal in current time.
Source Link: Box Office India
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In Other Words Srk Has Crossed 1 cr Footfalls Just Once In Last 4 Years

3 Cr Footfalls Just Once In Last 20 Years

Sad Fact

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BOI is 100% right. bade budget ki movie ka at least 1cr footfalls minimum hona chahiye, even wo flop hi kyu na ho.

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It's been very poor going for SRK since 2015 and all of it is due to bad choice of movies rather than anything else.

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Ce and Hny did that in 4 days.tubelight did because of holidays.If a film is rejected then 100 crore is difficult.with non actor all these films would have been bigger disaster and raaes flop

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race and thugs did due to friendly genre like dilwale


Bhai non star ke saath 250 cr ki movie koe nahi banata, lesser star ka budget bhi sirf 25 cr ka hota.


Tauji isn't zero has holidays too..
that too Tubelight came in pre-eid ..
now coming to Tubelight & Zero only a moron can say that Tubelight has advantage over zero.
Zero was full on commercial movie with the lead is though a dwarf-man but his style is same as that of a normal hero as compared to Salman playing a mentally challenged person with no any romance or other aspects of a commercial movie ..


What are you smoking tom cruise? Tubelight was a far bigger risk, had no heroine or good chartbuster or any credible supporting actor too.

Zero had two top female superstars, cameos, cameo song by Salman, top director, 2 years in the making, best release date of the year. Tubelight was a letdown but zero is the biggest crash of the last few years along with thugs of Hindostan

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So what? Many people don't cross many things, your IQ hasn't crossed room temperature in winters, humne kuch kaha? To bas, baat khatm.

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