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Both movies will end with the main character going to space and then coming back safely, won't that make it weird for audiences?

And in the trailer for SJSA itself, the rocket launch will be featured, so it will instantly remind audiences of Zero and how much it disappointed.

Just on this basis, should SRK decide to not do SJSA? Because I would still be happy if it went back to Aamir.
Source Link: The Mind of Hola.
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U guys want him to do a commercial dance and song movie. U guys are the same ppl who criticize him later.

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The space research centre scenes, and the rocket flying off (minor spoilers), all that part was wonderfully done. The gravity scene between baaua and aafia was amazing too, VFX wise I am sure RCE will do an amazing job with SJSA, story wise there's a risk of being same as zero.

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hmmmmmmmmm... everything seems doubtful now... h has got himself into a huge mess

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Sjsa is the best option for srk .It is a perfect start for his 2nd innings.sjsa is a biopic. Not a lovestory.

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More Than You I Will Be Happy If It Goes Back To Aamir :D

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yes because then a good movie in 90% guaranteed.


Hmm Just Hope Aamir Soon Has A Feature Film Release!

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Honest advice for srkfans u people talk n discuss much abt future srk film thsts the reason its getting flop after flop.. let the volume speak.. dnt behave like legal advisors.. at least i feel srk giving his 100% in every movie not Salman who picks random guys for sake of rozgar yojna.. so talk less let the movie speak..

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let the volume speak?? :D :D :D :D

Konsa volume?


Writing mae thoda rajeev masand agaya tha..

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They shouldn't put the space angle in the trailers, but also make that a small portion of the film. The space angle will work in this film since its regarding patriotism and its the first Indian in space.
Also the biopic should talk about his achievements in Indian Air Force.

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well, they cant sell an astronaut movie if they don't at least show him taking off for space.

and also, the climax would be him in space, saying "Saare Jahan Se Achcha", so it can't be a small part of the movie.


We all know how the movie is going to end, and the public at large will also know that by the time movie releases. The crux of the story should be about his achievements with Indian Air Force, his personal life and mainly his heroism.

The movie would be more patriotic rather than a love story.

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