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There was also trend for stop manipulations RCE (At No. 4 India and At No. 9 WW)

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These fans are main reason for SRK's decline. Kutte ki doom kabhi sidha nehi hota.

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SRK fans should give up, no point in doing all these.
Even manipulation can't save Zero,5-10% difference is very much acceptable.
100cr is a distant dream now, but one thing iam noticing people are hell bent on bring down khans.

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Khan Fans Themselves Are Biggest Enemies Of Khans

Average Film Ko Bhi Disaster Banake Maze Lete Hain


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Refuses to show manipulated collections, lol, shuru to khud ne kiya tha, ab sant mahatma ban raha hai, bad boy Tarru..!!

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Ek mahaan website de Raha hai 9-9.5cr..... aur production company de raha hai say 10cr

50 lakhs ka manipulation is not that a big deal.... He cud have Tweeted it... Even if it's manipulated...just assume's not 4-5cr ka der are & were many films where far more bigger manipulations have taken place & Taran hav supported is he adopting different films different criteria or wat.

Waise V ye Tweet Kare tab V Zero Flop he hogi na V Kare tab V Flop he hogi as nowhere from here on Zero is gonna collect 220cr to be called as HIT

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